This has been an interesting week

On top of the running battle I’ve been having with the internet provided by NBN, supposedly the next generation of the internet in Australia that was to make our internet faster than in Romania, but failed miserably, I’ve been having problems with social media and in particular Twitter.

Something is going on and I don’t know what it is.

One day I can have a consistent 125,000 impressions per 24 hours, for months on end, but several days ago this dropped to 5,000, with an hourly 213, yes, 213.  This from a monthly average of 2.6 million for the last three months.

Something wrong, I guess, doesn’t quite describe the problem.

However, life has begun to seep back in the dying Twitter bones, and the numbers are improving, but it begs the question of what sinister happenings go on under the hood.

Then there’s blogger where I have several blogs, and their own web domains bought from Google as recommended.

I can’t see any of them anymore.  I can post to them, and others can see them, but it seems Blogger has decided I’m persona non grata for my own blogs.

Of course, the help page within Blogger is probably the most useless help I’ve ever seen anywhere, and whilst it shows exactly the same problem happened to a lot of other bloggers, and the specific help was given, but there is no means to contact experts at blogger to get any help.

Or maybe there is, but their help page doesn’t make it easy to find it.

As for the internet, I once had a 300 baud phone modem that ran faster, and a call to the internet provider simply saw me cut off in the middle of a phone call, and left staring at the receiver.

Maybe if they cut me off a few times I’ll just give up, because they are between a rock and a hard place.  Their previous offering of broadband internet was lightning fast and very reliable, but they had to dismantle it in favor of the NBN.

Now because of a penny-pinching government, who would rather give huge tax concessions to big banks, who it has now been proven have been ripping us off for years with shonky practices, the internet in this country is little more than a joke.

Do I sound like a whinger?

I guess so, but I’ve certainly got a lot to work with.

But, as the saying goes, it can only get better, because it can’t get any worse.

No, don’t think so.  It’s just crashed again!


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