A funny thing happened on the way to the typewriter

And therein lies the first humorous thing about that statement, I don’t use a typewriter.

I did once upon a time, but not for some time. I could no longer buy ribbons for my IBM Selectric, so it had to go the way of the dinosaurs.

Maybe I should entitle this piece, a funny thing happened on the way to the keyboard.


What did actually happen, and was it funny?

I suspect not.

Its just that in that short distance, from, say, the couch where you were reading the latest blog posts in the WordPress reader, and the writers chair, your preparation for writing ends up boggling at the mindless stupidity of some of the pro-Trump and anti Trump bloggers, because it’s hard to find anything relevant to the man and his politics.

People seem to be radically for or radically opposed and there’s no middle ground. How does Government work in such a political climate?

But, there you are, my attention has been distracted and unless I’m about to indulge in political satire, I’m off track, with an out of balance mindset, and therefore unable to write.

Perhaps I should not read blog posts, but the newspapers.

Or not, because they all have an editorial policy that leans either and one way or another, which means their views are not necessarily unbiased.

On other occasions, my writing will take place during snatched moments in between chores.

I guess it’s best left to the dark hours of the night when you would think all the distractions like family have gone to bed.

Except that’s when the ghosts come out to play.

I think.

Was that the lounge room door opening?

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