I think I’ve got a plan

You see, it’s the result of a New Year’s resolution which I only told myself, mainly because I didn’t think I’d be able to execute it.

The plan, that is, not some of the people around me.

Be more organized.

Have a writing plan for each story, a synopsis if you will, something that can be used to plan and write to, instead of the hodgepodge of trying to remember where I was, or what I was intending to write as a follow on.

And it’s working to a certain degree.

In the morning, an hour to check social media, Instagram, WordPress, twitter.  I don’t bother with Facebook because everything I’ve tried there has failed, and I don’t think it’s for want of trying, it’s because Facebook will not give you reasonable coverage.  If you want that, you have to pay, and even if I did, I would still not get anything like I’d want.

Best left for the Fake News we keep hearing about, or people who want their details sold off to the highest bidder.

Then it’s time to write some new blog posts, I have more than one blog, each a different subject or aspect of either writing or traveling.

Rest.  Sometimes.

Afternoon, writing.  Yep, I have managed to get a few words on paper and editing the next two novels.  Bandy words with Chester, the cat, and generally come off second best.  He had the best ‘I don’t care’ face I’ve ever seen.

Then chores, dinner, what laughingly can be called TV, then maybe some more writing.

There, how’s that for a plan.


How long do you think it will last?


3 thoughts on “I think I’ve got a plan

  1. Once again, great minds . . . As a retiree, I can stay up late and sleep in, and I take advantage! But first thing up, it’s email, social media, the blog; I used to maintain several, but now it’s only the writing blog. That usually takes me to 8:30 or 9:00, then I clean the kitchen, clearing the decks for the day’s activity. Mama’s arthritis makes it excruciating for her to stand over the sink or scrub the floor, so that’s a gotta. Whenever that wraps up, I game until noon, usually Xbox, though there are other options. Following that comes about two hours of house/yard work; those things that have to be done. At my age, I can’t go much longer than that, and it’s no fun anyway. With that wrapped up, it’s a shower, nap, or both, whatever I need, then between 3:00 and 4:00 it’s my time to write, be it on the book or the blog, Two to three hours a day generally exhausts my creativity, and by 6:00 or 7:00 my planned activities are over, and that’s time for TV, movies, hanging with the fam, or whatever. Somewhere during the evening, Dude the Insane Beagle and I go out to discuss the grand issues of the day, and all is right with the world.

    Or that’s the plan. The reality is that our adult daughter lives with us, and when she’s home I join her in store runs or larger housework projects. She likes to game, and I’m glad to accommodate her whatever the clock says. Various combinations of our four local grandchildren, two of whom are young adults themselves, come over two or three evenings a week, bringing their own agendas . . . Well, my point is that it’s good to have a schedule and do your best to stay on it, but don’t beat yourself up if you more often than you’d like find that impossible. Life hates schedules, and will do its best to push you out of them. Each day is a great epic contest, and you and Life will each win some. Just recently, our daughter put it like this:

    “Remember when you were a kid jumping on a trampoline, and you’d fall down, and all the other kids would keep jumping so you couldn’t get back up again? That’s kind of what being an adult is like.”

    Hang in there, brother, and try to stay ahead in the “Win” column!

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