Thoughts, maybe

Why is writing so hard?

In just about every book about how to be a good writer, there seems to be a pile of problems that at some time in a writer’s life will need to be overcome.

Writer’s block

Don’t have it.  The ideas pour out of my head like water over a waterfall

Don’t use abstract descriptions in your writing

Damn, I so that all the time

But, back to writer’s block, is that where you write 37 chapters and there the story stops?


Plan your book and have an outline so you can write it from start to finish

Plan?  What Plan?

That only happens when I’ve written to book and prior to the first edit make a precise of each chapter to make sure of continuity.

Plan your characters and give them a timeline

Oh God is that why characters names are often changing as the story progresses.

Believe it or not, I’m working on this issue.

Manage your time.

Still can’t get it right.

Write at least a thousand words a day, no matter if it’s rubbish or not.

Does that include writing for social media?

Apparently not.

At least this is one of the requirements I follow religiously. Sometimes it’s a lot more words but a least some writing finished up either on paper in on the word processor.

Now it’s time to write those thousand words.

Look, there, I’ve at least got one part of time management under control.

One thought on “Thoughts, maybe

  1. In general, I think all ‘help-books’ for writers are rubbish. This stuff is completely individual, and the one piece of advice that is actually helpful is so general most would-be writers will figure it out by themselves, or through a million different blog-pieces.

    Fun piece, by the way. It seems our minds work much in the same way. I think my biggest problem is lack of energy and motivation at times. I need momentum to keep going when I near the end of a novel or a short story, and if I stop for too long, that momentum just dies. (I can blame it on ‘life’, but I’m also lazy.)


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