PI Walthenson

A character that came to me one night in what might have been a nightmare, but I’d been writing around the edges of a gumshoe for some time, and this is what popped out.

How thrilled Harry Walthenson, Private Detective, had been to see his name painted on the translucent glass window in the door to his office.  Located in Gramercy Park, in an old building full of atmosphere, he had a space renovated to resemble that of Spade and Archer in a scene right out of the Maltese Falcon.  His desk had an antique phone like those used in the 1930’s, and a lamp that cast eerie shadows at night.  Along one wall was a couch, his bed for more nights than he wanted to remember, and on the other a filing cabinet, waiting for the big case files.

Up till now it had been missing cats and dogs.  Then, everything changed…

Starts at episode 1 – The Wrong Place, The Wrong Time


To read the latest episode:  http://tinyurl.com/PIWalthenson74


My blog:  https://aloysius5.wordpress.com/



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