Thoughts maybe

It’s Monday.

To me it’s just another day of the week, because as a writer there is no nine to five five days a week take the weekend off.

Or perhaps that’s just my interpretation of what a writer’s life is.

Not that I’m being much of a writer at the moment.

There’s writers block and there’s laziness.  Me, I’m in the latter basket.  I sit down to write and can always find something else to do.

I think it’s because I’m not satisfied with the story as it stands.

I finished writing the sixth or seventh draft, didn’t like the way it was reading, and added a new section.  The problem with that is having to go back to the start and seed the threads that lead to and/or incorporate the new part.

It’s just about formed in my mind how it is going to do, but I have not written a word, or looked at the story for at least four months, and that’s probably a good thing.

In between I have written a short story, well bits at a time and put it in the blog as an insight into how y mind works and how I write stories.  Or perhaps it highlights how twisted my mind is.

I still believe in the happy ending.

So, I’m going to flesh out the second draft of the story with the new ideas and see how that looks.

Then it will be school holidays for my grandchildren, and we are going to go and visit a maze.

OK, you ask, why?

A long time ago my eldest grandchild asked me to write a story for her.  She is 12, she acts like a princess, so I told her I would write her as one.  The other two girls also wanted to be princesses, and this sparked some interesting discussion.

Now we sit around when they are all together and brainstorm ideas.

And, as the story progresses I have three of the best beta readers any writer could want, actual readers of YA novels.

But back to the maze and why. they want to experience it first hand so they can give feedback for the story.

It has become a collaboration.  It has also sparked an interest in writing in them, and a greater interest in reading, something that cannot be underestimated in the development of young minds.

Then, after spending the holidays with them, it’s back to work on another novel which is in the editing stage.

Alas there is no rest for the wicked.

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