I scored a window seat – it’s like winning the lottery


So, what do you do when you finally win the lottery?

Well, not the monetary one, the airplane one where you get a window seat, and a window seat you can actually see out of?

Because most of them are not aligned with the windows.  I remember drawing a window seat a while back, but …. you guessed it, there wasn’t a window.

I mean, really!

But now you have one, what do you do?

I’ve seen a lot of window seat travelers pull down the blinds to block out the view.  Seriously?  It’s obvious they travel a lot and have seen everything there is to see.  Why they would want a window seat is beyond me.

Like would they be looking for a lightning bolt to hit the wing tip?  An engine falling off?  Another plane flying too close alongside, like a menacing jet fighter?

Not today.  Not flying near a restricted air space, or foreign border.  Just going from one state to another, out of Melbourne on our way to Brisbane.

Of course, this was before COVIS 19 grounded everything.

Me, I look at clouds, check every so often the engine is still there, watch the wings flex, or the flaps move.

The last time I had a window seat we arrived in Brisbane from the ocean and the plane got awfully close to the water on its final run to the runway.

This time it was over the bridges after flying past the city, and over the Brisbane River.


Sometimes you can see cruise ships.  There might not be another one of those for a long time to come.

And, yes, the engine is still there.

It was an uneventful flight, but I took a lot of photos anyway.  The grandchildren like looking at oddly shaped clouds.


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