I remember visiting Washington when times were calmer

I don’t think anyone in the whole world could miss what happened in Washington on the 6th January.

I watched in horror.

But, why would it matter to anyone who is not American?

12 years ago, in January before Obama’s inauguration, we were visiting a very different Washington.  It was a cold but sunny winter’s day, and at the time there were very few people about.

We had come down from Baltimore by train to visit the sights, and monuments, which included the Capitol.

I remember going into the building, and through the rooms that we saw being invaded, and was struck by a sense of awe in that these were the hallowed halls of democracy.

We have all been taught that democracy and the United States go hand in hand, and that it is enshrined in these buildings and in their constitution.   I saw and read a copy of this constitution, even bought a copy of it to read in more detail later.  Even I could understand what it meant, not only for America, but for the rest of the world.

I wonder if any of those people who invaded the Capitol had taken the time to understand just what their constitution stood for or how sacred their monuments to democracy are.

I did, and I’m not American

One thought on “I remember visiting Washington when times were calmer

  1. The problem is that the Constitution sounds good, but we haven’t lived up to it, especially in terms of civil rights. When it was written, we were considered three-fifths of a person. Thankfully, they don’t still count our votes that way, but the problem was that blacks voted in great numbers by absentee ballot, mainly because Republicans closed polls and it is blacks who are most likely to die from Covid-19. Trump doesn’t think our votes in Fulton County, majority black, should count in Georgia. I am so ashamed right now, and my heart hurts, because I have grandchildren and great-granchildren whom I had hoped wouldn’t deal with this racism. I was wrong!

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