If only we could make travel plans!

Round about now, in our part of the southern hemisphere, spring is nearly two months gone and leading into December, we start having hot days.

Today, is is going to be about 30 degrees Celsius.

This is the calm before the storm, because round about now, we not only have to contend with the heat, we also have the humidity, sometimes reaching 100 percent.

Those days, every move you make causes endless perspiration.

So, best not to go outside if you can avoid it.

Some years ago we installed air conditioning and it’s been great for summer.  Then, the climate change became a factor in everything, and saw huge increases in the cost of water, and in particular, electricity.

Our bills for summer frequently topped a 1,000 dollars for the three months, and getting worse every year.

So, a year or so ago we invested in solar panels.  What a difference.  The air conditioning costs very little and our bills are now about 300 dollars for the three months.

More money then for holidays.

And finding a more temperate climate to bask in.

The idea of minus 19 degrees may faze some people, but not us.  If you can imagine endless days at 35 degrees Celsius with 100 percent humidity, you would understand why we prefer to be anywhere but home.

But our favourite destinations of New York and Toronto are no go zones because out government has decided none of us will be travelling until a vaccine is available, or COVID has gone.

It looks like I’ll just have to surf the internet and indulge in a little armchair travelling.  Maybe I can create a bucket list of places to go when we finally can leave.

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