Where does time go?

When did it suddenly become September?  I mean, just yesterday it felt like the start of a new year, and now it feels like it’s almost over.

Has anyone else over 65 got the feeling time is speeding up rather than slowing down?  It sounds weird doesn’t it, that as you slow down as old age approaches, time goes faster, and those things you wanted to get done seem further and further away.

When you’re young it always seems like you will have all the time in the world, and that seems to play out over the first forty or fifty years, putting this off, putting that off, while all the little details of life take more and more of your time.

And there’s that one huge thing that hangs over your head, the fact that you might never get to that time when you said you would have time for it.  People are dying younger again, of stress, bad habits and overexercising.

I’ll never be guilty of the last once.  It’ll probably be bad habits, something we are all guilty of.

That’s also a reason why I don’t have New Year’s resolution, and I try not to make plans for anything too far ahead.

It’s also the reason why we decided to travel and do all those things people say they’re going to do when they retire, only to discover they can’t for one reason or another, or they just simply died.

Stopping work after being so wrapped up in it, can kill you, and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that you can quite literally die of boredom.

It’s why I write.  Keeps the mind active, gives me something to do, and believe me when I’m writing I’m never bored, and is a perfect fit between bouts of being a grandfather, a taxi service, and doing everything else that needs a not so handy handyman.

Time flying is the same reason why my granddaughters have grown so much because it seems like it was only yesterday they were babies, and now the eldest is 16.  When did she get so grown up?

Oh, well, back to childminding duties.  It’s school holidays and tomorrow we’re off the travel on a steam train, and indulge in a little history.

If we can get the kids off their computers and smartphones.

One thought on “Where does time go?

  1. I’m told that time speeds up (or seems to) because each year that passes is a smaller proportion of your life. So when you’re 6 a year is a sixth of your life, but when you’re 60 a year is only a sixtieth of your life. Make sense, doesn’t it? Also makes it so much more important to do what you can as soon as you can! Enjoy the choo-choo, sounds fun!

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