In the days before COVID 19: It’s market day…

We come from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and moved to Queensland about 32 years ago, leaving behind a large chuck of our family. For a while it was a good excuse for them to come up and stay in sunny Queenland, and others, we would make two or three trips back to Melbourne every year.

And, being AFL football fans of the club Hawthorn, those visits were more likely to be during winter, co-inciding with games our team were playing in.

Then, after about 20 years, when the whole city seemed to have changed, and not necessarily for the better, we started rediscovering places we used to go to as children, for the purpose of showing them to our grandchildren.

This is one of those occasions, written after a visit before COVID stopped tourism and interstate travel dead in its tracks.

These donuts are whole with jam injected into them and are delicious.  You cannot stop at one, which is why you get five.

There are like the donuts I used to get from the Dandenong market when I was a child.  Back then, nearly 60 years ago, I used to go every Tuesday to get fruit and vegetables, and sometimes clothes, because there were other stalls selling useful household items.

Back then we used to get donuts, and for a long time, I had never managed to get back when the market was open to relive those childhood memories.

This trip we do.

The Dandenong Market had changed considerably since the last time I remember it.  The building where my eldest son used to play basketball has been turned over to meat, fish, and food stalls.

It has spread to be about ten times the size it used to be, making it seem like a difficult task to find the donut van, but we entered by the right entrance and there it was.

And the donuts?

They were exactly as I remembered.

While we’re in the area we also make a trip to the Springvale market.  When I lived in Victoria there was no such market, this had only been around since the immigrant Vietnamese have made their home in Springvale, and in places, it reminds you of similar markets in Singapore, Hong Kong, or China.

It was a fascinating half-hour of wandering around almost feeling like you are somewhere in South East Asia.

With markets like these who would really need a supermarket?  And a bonus?  The street food.