At last, some good news…

If only it is one bright moment among heaps of darker ones.

We do not have a COVID 19 case in our house. Of course, we had to wait an agonizing 24 hours before we got the good news by phone.

She has something else, perhaps just the common cold.

It shows that our testing labs are getting through the tests, of which I heard in the news there were about 4,000, with only 10 or so new cases countrywide.

Queensland had none overnight, so if our case had been positive, we would have been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

But, you know, 15 minutes of fame and all that.

I’m looking at my continuously updating COVID 19 count, and it’s up to 3,223,596 cases worldwide and 228,195 deaths.

I feel a deep sadness for the families of those people who have died.

But, on the other hand, I feel somewhat angry that world leaders, instead of focussing on the job of saving more lives, are more interested in finding someone to blame.  Perhaps when this is all over everyone should band together to see what happened, what they did wrong, what they did right, and be prepared next time.

And there will be a next time.

One thing that should happen is, no blaming the opposition party but actually work with them, without politicizing the pandemic, make sure the right people are put in positions where they can do the best, and most of all honour and respect the health workers whose only mission is to save as many lives as they can.

2 thoughts on “At last, some good news…

  1. Good news on your test results. We were tested a couple of weeks ago, also negative. Whew! And, amen on the whole blaming thing. Does not help anyone to be doing that. Post-event analysis later, maybe, but wrangling in the midst is not just useless, it is dangerous, lives-threatening, and egocentric. But then, what do we expect from polarticians.

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