It’s still a strange world

I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to turn on the tv anymore.

I get it. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and everyone wants to get back to work, but is it worth the cost of lives?

It raises the question, how much is a single life worth?

Apparently, to some, nothing. We see various countries rebelling against the so-called notion we should be social distancing, staying at home, and stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

It seems some countries, and a section of their population, just don’t care.

And the pity of it is, all those that do the right thing will inevitably forgive those that break the rules, even if they spread the disease because of their foolhardiness.

Our citizens will die, but we will be reluctant to call them murderers. They will find some way to hold the more sensible nations to ransom, simply because they have something we all need, something we turned over to them because we were naive. In a sense we still are.

Consumerism and capitalism, and dare I say it, greed, at its very worst.

But, the alternatives, fascism, communism, and dictatorships is unpalatable.

Something else we have discovered because of this world pandemic is our own stupidity in considering that a global economy was the way to go. All of a sudden everything we had moved to China, and elsewhere offshore, has come back to bite us. No whitegoods, no clothes, everything but food. At least we haven’t sold all of that down the river. Yet.

This is one hell of a wake-up call.

We need to address that self-sufficiency we no longer have. We need to bring back manufacturing, we need, in other words, to become self-sufficient again. No matter what the cost. It seems ems that in sending away everything meant that we sent away out national pride as well.

Made in Australia is something of a hollow joke. Now we get labels that no longer say, Made in Autraliaits now what percentage is made in this country, and that isn’t a lot.

I suspect it’s the same for a lot of so-called western countries, including the United States.

This isn’t going to be the first or the last time this sort of problem will happen. ln fact, it’s only going to get worse. The thing is, are we going to learn from it?

Yes, we need to fit into the rest of the world but, no, we don’t need to sell our souls to do it.

We need to do something about it, now, while we can. This pandemic might just have a silver lining, if only we recognize the opportunity for what it is.


4 thoughts on “It’s still a strange world

  1. People need to work. Let the least vulnerable work. I suppose you had income coming in despite not working but that doesn’t work for everyone. And more deaths are going to happen with people who can’t afford to go to the doctor because there is no economy. The unemployment isn’t being paid and people in our area are starving and losing homes. I really recommend you read this post and get a little more perspective:

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    1. Listen, I’m sorry for the snottiness in this comment. I’m stressed for some friends and neighbors struggling. I shouldn’t have sounded like such a jerk. I hope you will forgive me. I see both sides of the issue and I agreed with a lot of what you said. I’m sorry I didn’t clarify that.

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      1. That’s fine. I am very saddened by the situation over there, because we have not any of that, yet. WE are lucky though, no high density living, and we’re an island so we can shut the doors and keep it out and battle what’s here. Yes, social distancing and stay at home works for us., We also have unemployment and people in distress, but we have a government, federal and states working together to try and give everyone some money to tide them over. It’s not perfect, but they are trying. And we have only 28,000,000 people in the whole country. A much better situation that 360,000,000.
        What does disappoint me even more was the slogan that President Trump made in his election campaign back in 2016, that no American will be left behind. It seems this, 4 years later, is not the case. But no one could have predicted this, or the effect it would have, but once it settles, it should give the government something to look back on, and fix up some of the problems.
        There is no real answer to a virus like this, not yet anyway, and it might eventually be that the cure is worse than the bug. I hope not.
        And you are entitled to vent, because bottling up is worse, and I know what that’s like because my underlying illness really angers me at times because it makes me feel useless. I hope things improve, and that whatever is chosen as a means to improve life over there does not end in a disaster, in fact I will pray that it doesn’t. and I haven’t done that for a long time.


  2. You hit it on the nail. In the United States, it is my hope that we learn that international businesses cannot rule our politics and our employment structures, that communities shops are so important. I was stunned that even our medicines are made in China. That’s ridiculous.

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