It’s a different world these days

I never thought I’d be sitting down and thinking about mortality.

It comes up, of course, every time you go to a funeral, but it’s not like this, not when anyone you know can get a disease that has no cure, and it can kill you.

I’m looking at a continuous update of the destruction it’s doing to human life all over the planet, some 2,267,377 people have contracted the virus, and 155,174 people have died.

As a proportion of the earth’s population, it’s probably nothing, but to each and every family member of those who contract it and who eventually die, they are not a statistic, they are someone loved and cherished.

It horrifies me that some people can make light of it.

If doubly horrifies me when they start talking about acceptable losses, or worse, it didn’t kill as many people we thought it would.

The thing is, this virus hasn’t finished with us yet.  It’s still out there, there are people with it, and don’t know they’ve got it and they can spread it as easily as spreading soft butter on a slice of bread.

And yet, there are people out there who claim their freedom is more important than dying,  Tell that to those who have lost loved ones.  Tell that to a child who has lost a father, a mother, a bother, a sister, a friend, or as the virus is more selective, a grandparent, or someone whose health was tenuous for a variety of reasons.

They just don’t get it.

I’m guessing that in some countries where guns are a way of life, and the population is inured to the countless deaths caused by those guns, a virus doesn’t impact them.  They say they are more likely to be killed by the flu, or a cow falling out of the sky on them.

Perhaps the saner of us could pray for a rainstorm of cows when they gather to protest against gun control.  It would make a better headline that we see each morning, the ever-increasing infections, and worse, deaths.

There is no cure, despite what some people will say.  There won’t be a cure, because it’s not the virus we have to remove, it;’s the practices that cause those viruses.  We have to find and remove the cause, whether it’s bats, exotic animals, of countries creating biological warfare weapons.

And here’s a tip from a thriller writer who’s been trying to wrap his head around all of the available conspiracy theories, the one I like the most is; the country that magically finding a cure in less than the accepted timeframe is more than likely the country was the one who created it.


3 thoughts on “It’s a different world these days

  1. Oh my goodness, your words deeply reach my heart! YES. THIS.

    I don’t have an immediate financial anxiety, but I cannot understand the protests and the insistence to work (or worship, or gather for any reason) over the threat to life itself. And the guns- along with the greed and the fear of scarcity that create such ugliness. My heart hurts for all those who are suffering and dying, but my heart also hurts for the terrible spirit that seems to prevail in my country. May we all grow in understanding, kindness and generosity- somehow- from this time.

    Thank you for your post today. Keep safe, and keep writing.

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