The movie Dolittle

Never have so many waited so long for so …

I was going to say little, but that would do the movie injustice.

Dolittle, the umpteenth variation on the theme of talking to the animals is not all that bad, but my problem I think was that I couldn’t hear what Robert Downey Jr was saying most of the time.

It may have been the attempt to use a Welsh accent if there is such a thing, but perhaps his dialogue delivered with Iron Man force may have resolved that problem.

Perhaps it may have been the start that was the let down for me because it seemed slow and tedious without context.  We do learn why he was that way, later on, but the start needed something extra to drag us in.

Certainly, I liked all the animals, particularly the gorilla and the squirrel who took on the persona of a starship captain without the stardate.  These animals were also the children’s favorites too.

But we needed a bit more humor.

And whilst I realize this film is more for children, all in all, it was three stars out of five.

Come on Robert, you can do better than this.

4 thoughts on “The movie Dolittle

      1. It’s less common I think, as you often hear Scots and Irish. When you travel overseas, yes, accents galore, but what amuses me is how my Australian accent is called South African or New Zealand, but when I’m in Canada I often mistrake theirs as American


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