It’s that time of the year again

Isn’t it good that Christmas comes only once a once a year?

I don’t think we could afford it. Christmas presents, Christmas lunch or dinner, Christmas parties, the list goes on.

It all starts about the beginning of December, and slowly builds up to fever pitch when suddenly a great many of us suddenly realise we haven’t had time to do that Christmas shopping.

Last minute takes on a whole new meaning.

Suddenly shops are open all night and those last minute shoppers come out of the woodwork. It’s not exactly panic setting in, but it’s amazing just how many people put it off until the very last minute.

We’re exactly the opposite. Christmas shopping starts at the Boxing Day sales, especially for next years Christmas decorations, and then buying gifts all throughout the year when sales pop up.

Some people we know do their Christmas shopping after Christmas when everything is a great deal cheaper, and then give presents.

We just bought most of the food for Christmas lunch and dinner. Except some of the seafood. Lunch usually runs to about $500, but it is for 9, and is enough for lunch and dinner. Eating out it would cost upwards of $125 each, plus drinks, so it doesn’t seem so bad.

But, when you add it all up, including the presents, you’re often looking at thousands. Multiply that by the number of people lining in your city, it’s why Christmas is worth billions.

The hardest job is is putting up the Christmas tree, and it’s not a job that anyone but children like doing. Putting the tree together, then adding lights, ornaments, then tinsel, takes time. The only worse job is pulling it down again before new year’s day.

This morning we spent over 6 hours wrapping presents. It’s hard work, but it’s done.

All that’s left is the lunch, setting up which we do the day before, and it too takes time and effort, and then on the day, cooking, cooking, and more cooking.

Who said Christmas was a holiday.

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