Is there a reason to get out of bed?

I sometimes wonder if there is.

Is that depression speaking, or am I just tired from all the late nights?

Unlike most writers, authors and bloggers I don’t have a day job.  You could say it’s one of the benefits of getting old, this retirement thing, but after a while, not having a reason to get out of bed starts working on your subconscious.

The idea of having a job, and going to work, is a good reason to drag yourself out of bed every morning.  And because of this, the idea of sleeping in takes on a whole new meaning.

You know, I’ll just lie here for a few more minutes, and then I’ll get up.  Having turned off the alarm, the eyelids flutter, and before you know it, half an hour had passed, and you wake up in fright, knowing you’re going to be late.

In retirement, that doesn’t happen.  There is no alarm, there is no guilty pleasure in spending those extra minutes in bed.

Of course, this tardiness, or lack of desire could be because I find I do my best writing in the dead of night, often not getting to bed before 2 a.m.   Last night it was a little later because a story I’m working on, one of about 5, came to life with a new idea.

It had been stagnating because it’s part two and whilst I had an idea about where it was going to go, in the end, we’re off in a different direction, and the words flowed.  You just don’t stop writing when you hit a vein.

But this isn’t always the case.  This morning I have an excuse to stay in bed, but most others I don’t.

Perhaps I should find something else to do, something that will give me that same reason I used to have to get up every morning.

Or maybe I should be more organized in my retirement life, you know, set a schedule and do things according to a timetable.  I was never one for being organized, but perhaps it’s time to start.

Just let me lie here for a few more minutes and think about that.


One thought on “Is there a reason to get out of bed?

  1. Apparently to persuade Kim Kardashian to be my lawyer since she is heartless enough to support my case due to the fact all other lawyers I emailed said that there is curse on the nazi gold which I wish to claim for myself in order to return to the people after my cut.

    Since as Cain I cannot be cursed twice so they are just fucking cowardly idiots.

    Kim and I will rule the world if needed, fuck them then.

    Society claims she is dumb so she might be dumb enough to do it, plus who cares if it all falls on me anyways?

    I can sleep with death or blood and sin on my hands through gold and otherwise since I do it daily already.

    I am bored so I am willing to start all kinds of shit at this point.

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