#AtoZChallenge — G is for Ghost


Have you seen one?  I haven’t.  Yet.

I’ve stayed in a few places where ghosts were purported to be roaming the passages at night, but apparently not the night I was staying.

And that’s something else that I have a problem with, why is it ghosts only come out at night, or is that just the perception I have hot from reading up on the subject.

Maybe my view of ghosts is somewhat stilted, after all, I think my first introduction to ghosts was watching The Centerville Ghost, a movie I saw on t.v. when I was very young.

You have to admit Hollywood’s perception of ghosts is quite interesting.



Do you think they are real?  Do I think they are real?

I think I would have to be presented with some fairly solid evidence they exist, but perhaps not to the point of meeting one.

There are, it seems countless examples of ethereal forces, you know, wind blowing where there’s no wind or draught outside, room temperatures dropping for no apparent reason, knocking, rattling of chains, strange noises like low moaning.


And yet…

There are hotels you can stay in such as the Chelsea Hotel in New York, where it’s possible to run into Sid Vicious.

Sorry, not staying there any time soon.

Then there’s the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles where it’s possible to run into Marylin Monroe, who lived in room 229.

That could be an interesting encounter.

Another is the Westin St Francis in San Francisco where the actress Virginia Rappe died while attending a party held in Fatty Arbuckle’s room, Arbuckle’s room, who was later accused of assaulting and murdering her, and whose career tanked after the incident.

Her ghost is seen moving about the hotel tearing her hair out.  It seems all of the spectral activity occurs on the 12th floor.


Good to know if I decide to stay there.  I wonder if they have a 13th floor?

Perhaps in too old to be running the gamut of paranormal experiences, the old heart is not as strong as it used to be.

6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge — G is for Ghost

  1. I’ve seen some but it’s always like a glimpse basically as they just vanish it seems but you still feel their presence in the room for a bit.

    I attract them for whatever reason so I’ve had the weirdest life that took me many years to admit because I didn’t want to end up in a psych ward.

    I did at one point when I had a really intense attack it felt like where I actually checked myself in a psych ward for 3 days just to make sure.

    By day 3 I was ready to get the hell out of there, I rather be ganged up on by spiritual forces than deal with another night in that nonsense.

    They didn’t even let you smoke cigarettes, so I just ate and slept for 3 days constantly.

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  2. I believe I have seen one. I worked at an old movie theater called The Crump when I was 17 and saw a man standing in the balcony when it was just another coworker in the building and me.

    I can’t say for sure what it was but can say that I don’t believe in ghosts in the traditional sense (the soul of a dead person.) Maybe it’s a rip in time, and we see the past act itself out.

    Not sure but great post.

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  3. There was definitely a ghost in one of the houses I lived in. I didn’t so much see her as sense her presence. She would come down the stairs from the top floor, walk along the passage and turn to go down the stairs to the ground floor. I’m pretty certain she was the housekeeper. Her room was in the attic, you see. She was a ‘warm’ presence. Not at all threatening. She would usually manifest during the day. Even my husband thought he noticed her, and my cat certainly did. I was rather fond of her and she formed the basis for Mrs Hodgson (Hodge) a character who features in my first novel and again in the children’s book I’m writing.

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  4. I used to be skeptical until I encountered ghosts twice in my life. One experience was in a Hooters restaurant of a young lady who used to work there. It was broad daylight. I decided to take a picture with the Hooters girls because I don’t go there too often and she was there in the photo smiling in the glass pane in an older uniform. I found out that she died of a freak car accident off the highway. The other time I encountered a couple off a T-dock of a lake that was reported to be haunted. That was during the night time when I decided to go for a stroll with a friend to clear my head.

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