We are all equal … aren’t we?

It’s amazing just how many shows on TV throw around the statement ‘double standard’ with little attention being paid to what it really means.

Like statistics, words can be used in any manner to support or debunk what someone else will call a fact.

‘Fact’, of course, is another word that’s thrown around like a football.

But ‘double standard’, what does it really mean: “a rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups”

Put simply, if you own a cat, and I hate cats, I’m likely to say to you I like cats because of who you are and what I might want from you.

It has far more reaching consequences in reality because some of us might profess they regard everyone as being equal ‘in the eyes of the Lord’ but have a very different private view, politicians and the legal fraternity in particular.

Personally, I believe everyone should be treated equally.  The problem is, a great many people around me do not, and it seems that I am slowly becoming a minority in my own country.

How do we rectify this?

I don’t think we can.

Politicians are now running scared in their own constituencies because of the increasing multicultural population, and cannot be seen to favor one group or another, and when it comes to making a stand, they don’t; until lobby groups come into play, campaign funding to the politician is discussed, and very subtly, votes are bought.

How many instances of people having a ‘double standard’ do you know of?


One thought on “We are all equal … aren’t we?

  1. Equality is a nightmare, it is the blandest of worlds. The double standards are set in motion for an artificial diversity which is plastic and synthetic. Organic diversity is great. It is people rising above the standard and the norm and collectively accepting each other. This unnatural cohesion these governments are trying to create neglect the nature of people and culture. They admire a grand vision of a global community. These ideals are lost on most people. All their plans will crumble as Rome did, leaving the people to plunder what they can, while they can.


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