While it still is called Christmas

I’ve been reading other blogs again.

Every morning I have a skim through the half million or so blog pieces that appear in my reader.  It has a number of recommended blogs which I sometimes follow because the piece added to the blog mini profile looks interesting.

To be honest, I have no idea how many blogs I follow, but there is always a lot of diversity in reading material.

At this time of year, the main subject is Christmas.

Thankfully we can still celebrate Christmas, and not offend the multitude of other religions that don’t, but I’m guessing that sometime in the future when some government decides to go overboard with political correctness, the word Christmas will be banned, and it will simply be ‘holidays’.

I guess my rights as a Christian will be trampled on, and there’ll be nothing I can do about it.  Perhaps in being not so devout about my religious convictions, I’ll let is pass as most people do when there’s nothing they can do about it.

It’s a bit like death and taxes really.

Maybe then the turkeys will only have to dread one day of the year!

I found a few travel pieces, one of which was walking around London in a day.  Not possible because I’ve tried it.  High Holborn to Hyde Park to Knightsbridge, and everything in between.  Trafalgar Square, Picaddilly Circus, Oxford Street, the Serpentine, just to name a few.  High tea in Selfridges was the highlight.

Memories of another lifetime.

Then there was the rant.  I love a good rant, especially when I agree with it.

People who have succeeded in their own individual way should keep it to themselves, and not try to ‘market’ these ideas as workable for the masses.  They just don’t work for everyone else.  What happens at a particular time in the universe for you is great, but to replicate it?

I don’t think these people get it.

Your own brand of success is yours.  You do a lot of work, spill a lot of blood and tears along the way.  Trying to find an easier way by emulating someone else’s success?  You and a million others are trying to get on a single bandwagon.

Oops, looks like I’m having a rant too.

Have a Merry Christmas while it still is Christmas, who knows what might happen in the future.


4 thoughts on “While it still is called Christmas

  1. Here’s the thing. If you say “Happy Holidays!,” This includes ALL of the HOLIDAYS, from Thanksgiving through the New Year. It’s ALL of them!!! Merry Christmas is just one day: Jesus’s Birthday. So, if you want to celebrate Jesus’s birthday month, that’s cool. But if I say, “Happy Holidays,” it’s not taking away from Jesus’s birthday, it just means I don’t want to go through an entire laundry list of ALL the holidays you may or may not be celebrating.


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