You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone

On Sunday morning we lost the internet.  I went out onto my office and saw the flashing lights on the modem.  There was no signal.

Outside the house, a large number of trucks had blocked up the road and the closer inspection showed they were here to remove an old pole.

The only problem was our internet provider was still using it.

I imagine what happened was simple.  The power technicians or someone else moved the cable to the new pole.

It sounds simple, but I guess it wasn’t.  End result. No internet, not via the cable outside.

We had the grandchildren staying over and whilst the spectacle of removing the old pole kept their attention for about half an hour, the signs of restlessness and boredom set in soon after.

And with no internet and no cable TV, it was just about the end of the world.  Unlike in my day as a child, we had to make our own entertainment, there was no TV or internet, it was a matter of using your imagination, it seems modern children are lost without the internet, a computer, or tv

My room needed cleaning, the library had about fifty new books to put on the shelves, and the existing books needed some rearrangement, so I put them to work.

It was either that or the garden which always needs work, but one job I can’t seem to work up any enthusiasm to do.

And at the end of the day, still no internet.

I think I’m starting to get serious withdrawal symptoms.

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