Friday afternoons – where would you like to be?

It’s Friday afternoon and…

The expectation I once had a long time ago, and I suspect I’m not alone, has always been that if it ever became possible, Friday afternoons off were sacrosanct.

In a lifetime of working for others, Friday afternoons were the same as all the rest.  Finish at 5 or 6 and either go to the pub with workmates or go home.

Every now and then you’d take a sick day, but it’s a bit obvious to everyone that you’re just looking to have a long weekend.  Just hope your boss is not heading away at the same time and you awkwardly meet at the airport.

Yes, it does happen.

Of course, for those who seek to transition from worker to being master of your own destiny, ie become self-employed and are lucky enough to do so, you tell yourself you can make your own hours, work when you feel like it, and Fridays, well, they’re out of bounds.

Until reality sets in.

You still have Bill’s to pay, and work never presents itself quite at the times that you want, and any form of working more hospitable hours goes out the window.  That desire to improve family life?

For some, it has happened for some, but for the rest of us, well, the best of intentions always seem to go astray.

Now you don’t have a steady paycheck, you quickly realize that work does not necessarily turn up on your doorstep when you want it to, but when it’s available, and what starts out the be sure and steady, soon becomes steady without the surety then patchy because demand is market tuned.

A downturn in the market and suddenly your good intentions and desire for more money and a better life are out the window, and suddenly you’re working 7 days a week trying to make ends meet.

I’m sure there are more salient factors involved in making the decision to become a contractor rather than a ‘wage slave’, but it seems these days working on a Friday afternoon might not be so bad, rather than having nothing to do at all.

What am I doing this Friday afternoon?

Picking up the grandchildren from school.  You see, to get Friday afternoons off I had to wait till I retired.  But one thing I can tell you with a great deal of certainty, I will not be taking up golf anytime soon.  I have better things to do with my Friday afternoons.

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