The art of marketing, maybe

The Twitterverse can be a remarkable marketing tool if one can find the right hashtags, and a simple, relatively free, promotional tool.

One such promotional too was a service called CoPromote.  It was based on the idea that you could gain distribution credits to the value of the number of Twitter followers you had, each time you were willing to share another user’s tweet.

The other premise was that you could select categories of tweets you wanted to share, and select the same for your own tweets, in other words targeting a select market.

It worked.

It disappeared one day, and it most disappointing.

Recently a similar promotional tool, CreatorCollabs appeared, and it was CoPromote with a different name.

I thought, yea, it’s back.

My most recent ‘boost’ as they are called it was potentially redistributed to over 800,000 other targeted twitterites.

How good is that?

Sadly, it’s gone again, disappearing into the ether, and a non-responsive website.

Oh well, I’ll just have to wait until it reappears with a new name!


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