A biography in how many words?

Since Twitter moved from 140 characters to 280 characters, it’s like being a new lease on life.


Still agonizing over what constitutes a ‘killer’ bio.

So much so that I have been trawling through thousands of other bio’s trying to understand what makes a good one.

Quite a lot preface theirs with Dad to or Mom to x wonderful children.  I think that goes without saying, so moving on.

Quite a lot advertise services using hashtags which is a great idea, perhaps in the hope people are looking for said services and will follow them, then to DM them with more information.

I haven’t quite mastered the art of doing that, so I’ll let that one slide for the moment.

But …

That brings up the relevance of using hashtags in the bio.  That gives me a bit more scope to make it to the point.

A quick search of relevant hashtags reveals:

writer, author, thriller, mystery, adventure, writing etc.

All are useful but it doesn’t really carry any pulling power.  We need something that grabs the reader’s attention and do it in the shortest, most succinct manner.

I am a writer, a wordsmith, who, I was once told, swallowed a dictionary.  But, in the light of the current task, you’d think it would be just a ‘walk in the park’ instead of the proverbial ‘pain in the neck’.

Perhaps I could compose a riddle that comes back to the answer of who I am, but who has the time to sit and work it out.

I think that might be a little pretentious.

So, back to square one.

At the moment all I have is ‘aspiring writer’.

It’s not possible that’s enough, is it?

One thought on “A biography in how many words?

  1. Is infuriating. Tried updating mine today to add the relevant info that I am a former journalist but wouldn’t fit. Good luck


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