Thoughts, maybe

I hate editing.


Which is surprising I guess for a writer.  I should be happy that the first, second, third, or whatever draft of the novel is complete in some form or other, and it’s now just a matter of cleaning up the loose ends.

Or is it?

Everything was fine till I got to page 201.

Did I really write that?

What can be a problem as the novel progresses, the plot can change as a new idea occurs to you in the shower, in the rain, in a dream, or just sitting in traffic.

It gets written in, and later, when you do that first read through to make sure there is cohesion, and the right number of timely hints that lead to that plot line, you discover it comes out of left field.

Page 201!

OK, backtracking, hints added, story seems right, move on.

Page 345.  Not happy, something is missing, it doesn’t feel right.

Go for a walk in the park, torment the grandchildren, go visit a theme park, jog around the block.  Cook something, anything but think about what’s missing at page 345.

Got it.  We need to add a new section, a few chapters.

And, no doubt, I’ll have to rewrite the end.

Like I said, I hate editing!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts, maybe

  1. Its a real love hate thing for me, the more I do it and it becomes the reality of getting a book to the point where it is readable, I am getting used to it.
    Not sure if you get this, but I find I go into edit mode which means story mode goes offline and I have trouble shifting between them to fix issues.


    1. My trouble is tinkering. I am never satisfied with the end product, and this is why my editor has to finally draw a line under a final edit and close the book for publishing.
      If only I could edit for editing’s sake!


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