The Croods 1 & 2

I hesitate to call this an animated cartoon because I think it’s something else.

But, having said that, whether real like or animation, or whatever the medium is, we were cajoled into seeing these by our youngest grand daughter, who has managed to talk me into endless episodes of Dora the Explorer and Barbie, who has transformed from Princess to Mermaid and everything in between.

The point is she likes these films and so, apparently, do a lot of others.

Oddly, in the cinema for the sequel there were older people than younger which tells me there’s probably more to the story.

Quite often these sorts of films, directed at children, sometimes have a message. This one, perhaps, was that people who are different can get along, and at a time when emotions are running high over the differences between us, it might pour a little cold water on a heated debate.

Or perhaps I’m writing too much into it.

For pure entertainment’s sake, and discounting the fact cave men would not have been so eloquent in speaking English, it was quite good. The first was a bit tedious, the second well, it’s a kids show, what do you expect.

For just under two hours, it held my attention, more than I can say for some other films I’ve seen recently.

Of course my favourite is the sabre tooth tiger. I can see one of those as a house pet, especially after being broken in by our former cat in residence, Chester.

I give this a four out of five stars for pure entertainment value.

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