The things you hear…

It’s not that we often go out to cafés for lunch, but this week we decided to spend a few days out of the city.

Not that our travel options are all that plentiful far afield because of the coronavirus travel restrictions, but our state, Queensland, has a lot of places not far from home, but can make it feel like you are.

So, here we are in Canungra, a small town in what is known as the Gold Coast hinterland, or more generally the “Scenic Rim”.  

Before going to the cottage we have booked for a few days, we’re stopping off at a cage we know has good coffee, and cakes, to have lunch, and, of course, coffee.

But, here’s the thing…

Sometimes its not just the food that’s the draw, it’s the atmosphere, and the diverse collection of patrons.

Being a tourist destination, you’re more likely to be surrounded by visitors from far afield than locals, and this day was no exception.

And although we are still practising social distancing, people are close enough, and in some cases, loud enough that you can overhear their conversations.

Like, the fish and chips in Ceduna, located in another state, South Australia, are dreadful, because of the fat dripping off the batter on the fish.   A handy hint indeed, if I’m ever in Ceduna.

Then, like a lot of older people do, a discussion turns the medical problems and procedures, described, at times, in gory detail.  Thank God I was not eating at the time, because vivid descriptions are about as bad as watching medical dramas on TV, and one in particular, “Transplant”.

I guess when you’re 74 there’s not a lot you have in common with others except the frailty of the human body.  And if you’re a caravanner, the places you’ve been, good and bad.

Sadly my idea of camping is a four star hotel.

Then the food arrives, a rather large hamburger, stabbed to death by a steak knife, just to make sure it’s truly dead, and my selection, beer battered flathead and chips with the largest salad I’ve had in a long time.

Needless to say my expectations were exceeded, and it was not only filling, but delicious.

I’m sure we’ll be back again in the not too distant future, surprisingly because if there was no coronavirus we may never have discovered this little slice of paradise.

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