A dark and not so stormy night…

Today, or should I say, tonight, was the first of many where I will be attending the little athletics programmes for my youngest grand daughter.

It’s that time when the season starts, and runs through to April next year, when the hot summery weather is starting to wane.

It’s a little different this year, and instead of being on a Saturday morning, where temperatures can be up to 40 degrees Celsius, the first few are being trialled at night when it is a hell of a lot cooler for the athletes.

Shortly after we arrived and got through the first two activities, the first a 70 meter race, and the second, shotput practise, I took this photo of the moon slowly rising.

And although I’m not much of a photographer with my Samsung Galaxy phone, in between events, and on our way to the Javelin, a sport I rather thought for an under 11 child might be just a little dangerous, I took this of some trees on the fringe of the overhead lights.

As the COVID restrictions for public gatherings had been lifted and at these types of events, up to 1,000 people can attend, but still practice the 1 1/2 meter social distancing rules, there were quite a lot more adults attending in comparison to the Saturday morning where these same parents usually use the athletics as a child minding exercise.

My granddaughter also did the triple jump, something she did for the first time and had a little trouble with, an 800 meter race where she stopped a couple of times because of a stitch, and lastly a 200 meter race where she came 4th.

Overall, for the first time in three years, and finding herself quite unfit, it is great to see she will be abandoning sitting at the computer for at least one day of the week, in favour of competing.

We can’t wait for the week she does the high jump. She was the best of her group 3 years ago when she stopped, the best at school, and now we are all hoping she will improve on her previous highest jump.

Stay tuned.

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