Looking for news that doesn’t include Trump or COVID

So, what else is happening out there in the world. It’s very hard to find anything of newsworthy note other than the now what seems to be a farcical US election, or COVID 19, which continues on its merry way killing almost a million people worldwide.

What’s in the New York Times, allegedly one of the purveyors of fake news, a small headline appears, 356 elephants dropped dead in Botswana. For those who don’t know where Botswana is, it’s in Africa. Algae infected waterholes or people poisoning them are two possible reasons for the calamity in a country that has largely succeeded in conservation of the animals.

And a very interesting piece about sled dogs and planning for the unknown. I have to say, after I read it, we should all be looking for a sled dog as our guide through life, because they know more about what’s going on around them, especially in the remote parts of Alaska, than any of us humans. While I’m not packing my bags and immediately heading for Alaska, it’s made it to my bucket list.

Over at CNN another conspirator in the fake news brigade it took a long hard look to find anything other than a report that Qantas in Australia is selling off old Boeing 747 carts full of goodies (wine, pyjamas, throw rugs, and other items offered on flights) to the public. They sold out quickly.

Of course that’s not the only item Qantas is in the news for., In these COVID times when traversing state borders is a trial in itself, Qantas is offering flights to nowhere. & hours of flying over some of the sights Australia is famous for, beaches, reefs, and very, very large rocks. The first of these also sold out very quickly. There may well be a lot more of these nowhere flights as Qantas has lots of planes sitting on the ground doing nothing.

As for news that really isn’t news, a South Korea official was shot dead after crossing the border, proving once again, North Korea is the last place you would want to go.

And for information that you desperately needed, how to grow tomatos in the desert, and in particular, the Arabian desert.

There was a small piece on the fires in California, but I suspect since these have been linked to Climate Change, a subject that isn’t getting much of an airing, it doesn’t rate as newsworthy over Trump and COVID 19, other than in the latter’s case, it is all but gone.

Someone else’s words, not mine.

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