In a word: Lie

Here’s another of those small words that have so many different meanings that it can boggle the mind.

The most obvious, is telling a lie, in other words trying fervently to avoid getting the blame, admit that we are anything but ordinary, or that we are larger than life.

I’m none of the above.

Then it’s where a golf ball lands, and is quite often, for me, at the bottom of a lake, or in the middle of a sand trap. That statement, play it where it lies takes on a whole new meaning when playing with friends who hate to lose.

Then, if I’ve got a headache, which is what this is giving me trying to catch up with all the meanings, I have to lie down. Usually that’s in a prone position, though I’m sure there are people who would argue otherwise.

You can lie in state, after you’re dead, but that ain’t going to happen to me. And the way Prince Harry’s going, I don’t think it’ll happen to him either.

The mountain lies in that direction, said the elf pointing towards the sea. Elves are meant to be confusing. But inevitably something will lie in a particular direction.

Perhaps the elf will lie about the lie of the land?

A book will lie on the table, or a sill, or a shelf, or just about anywhere.

And just to add to the confusion, your future will lie before you. Figure that one out!

This is not to be confused with lye, a strongly alkaline solution, especially of potassium hydroxide, used for washing or cleansing.

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