Any other time…

I would not be worried, but…

We are being told, even when there is no major outbreak, or any new cases of COVID in the last few days, that we should get tested if we are showing even the slightest of symptoms.

I;ve got a runny nose.

I don’t have a scratchy throat.

I feel like I have a fever, but I’m not sure. You would think there’s be a thermometer in the house, since we often look after youngish children, but it isn’t where it was last, so I don’t know.

The COVID clinics that used to be open near us have all closed die to the lack of cases, so we don’t know where to go to get tested.

So, next point of call, call the doctor.

And, as if he is registering my panic, he calls me, but not in relation to COVID, but some blood tests, and a care plan, something we old people get once we’ve survived 65 years or more.

Something else to note, all of our medical care is free, doctors accept what is known as bulk billing, ie they accept what the governments pay them for visits. It’s not the same in other states, so this one is good.

We also get 5 free visits to either dietitians, physiotherapists, foot doctors, and the like, a year every year from now on.

Hospital, well, you need to have a secondary medical plan to pay all but $200 of your hospital stay no matter how long or which ward. Hospital care is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s a relief to know that the most I can pay in a year is $500, no matter how many times I go in, or stay.

But, the COVID test. The doctor says there’s a clinic at the local hospital, just down the road from us. Like everywhere in Australia, the tests are free, you just turn up and they test you.

Then you have to stay home until the result is delivered, usually within 24 hours. if you have it, well, I don’t know what happens next, perhaps men dressed in white suits arrive in an anonymous white van and take you away.

But we both have a symptom, and so we’re getting tested tomorrow. I’ll tell you then what happens in the clinic.

I think I can say quite safely I don’t have it, because I’m one of those in the critical category with a compromised immune system, and the reason why I have spent most of the last six months home, in hiding, and going out only when necessary. It’d be fate to get it on what is a one in 100 chance.

Still, if I do, my chances of survival are less that 20%, so, not that I do this very often, I will be saying a prayer, not just for me, but for everyone like me, because that bug we were told was no more than another strain of the flu, has killed 940,000 people worldwide, and it hasn’t finished yet, despite some very important people saying it will go away by itself.

It would be very bad luck after avoiding it for six months if…

No, lets not go there. Let’s be positive.

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