Yes, spring is upon us, and the flowers will be blooming!

At the time, I took this at a flower show, and usually it is quite colourful, but this time, whilst there were a lot of flowers, it didn’t seem as vibrant as in years past.

But, on the other hand, my green thumb does not run to such displays.

For years, the front and back yards were roughly the equivalent of dustbowls, with rampant weeds for lawn, and a few pots.

Recently we had the house rendered, and at the same time had some paths and proper steps built leading up the the front door, and on eithger side running the length of the house, staggered height flower beds.

In these we put succulents, mainly for the fact they need very little maintenance other than thinning out twice or so a year.

Around the fence line we planted a hedge which after six or so months we finally got the first trim, and it’s looking quite good.

The most recent enhancement is the last layer, a row of contrasting colourful native plants, which also need very little maintenance.

But, the point, it’s the second day of spring on this side of the world, and gardens everywhere are about to bloom, skies are going to be bluer, and the temperatures rising.

You know the saying, ‘ah, spring is in the air’. For all those who do not suffer from hay-fever.

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