Not only did the stars come out at night…

So did some of the planets:

I was in the front yard of my son’s house when I was taking in the clear night sky when I saw a bright shining object that is usually a planet.

Out of curiosity, I fired up Google Sky and pointed in the direction of the shiny object, and, lo and behold, it was the planet Jupiter, with a couple of others to go with it.

Not all of the planets lining up, though.

And I don’t think they regard Pluto as a planet yet.

And, the moon was there, but not quite as bright as it usually is.

I did go searching for the other planets, but, quite oddly, found the sun, even though my phone was pointing towards the ground. Phones, it seems, have X-Ray vision.

I might make this a nightly thing till I find all the planets, and I might even try it during the day.

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