I never thought it would be so difficult…

To get a decent cup of coffee.

Yes, something as simple as that.

We all have our favourite places, ours is a coffee franchise called Zaraffas. It has a giraffe as its logo, and an African motif to remind us of something, perhaps that they make good coffee, or the coffee comes from Africa.

Problem is, it’s been going downhill. It’s happened before, and I suspect it’s all in the name of making more money, and not being interested in the customer’s desire for a good cup of coffee.

It started out as being the best compared to a lot of other places, like Coffee Club, like Starbucks, and others. I never liked Starbucks, and my hate affair began in New York, and spread back home. Their coffee is far to weak for a double shot. Perhaps only in China does Starbucks shine, or the fact it was the only coffee franchise we could believe was safe.

But, back to Zaraffas, recently the coffee has been getting weaker, which for a double shot, is odd. You might put it down to the fact staff turnover was high, and some were still learning to be baristas, but then, the people we used to rely on made the coffee, and it was still weak.

A double shot went to a triple shot. Slight improvement, but it gradually got worse. There’s only two excuses, they changed coffee beans to a cheaper brand, or they’re not putting as much coffee in the strainer. That, I learned, when looking up the making of coffee, can be critical. It needs to be tamped down tightly to get a good brew.

So, we went elsewhere, a place called Merlo. It’s cheaper, but the results are completely different. A double shot is a true double shot, it tastes better, much better. Different beans.

There’s another place just around the corner, that had organic coffee. More expensive, but you can really taste the difference.

I’m sad, but we don’t go to our usual place unless it’s on the way home. Life’s too short to be compromising, especially where coffee is concerned.

And, just as a matter of interest, while in New York for a week, I went to the same coffee shop every morning, and never got the same cup of coffee for each of the days. A double shot, latte with two sugars had so many different connotations, by the third day, it became a game, until I realised they didn’t make coffee the same as we have in Australia. There they just push a button.

Perhaps that’s part of the coffee drinkers adventure there, you never know what you’re going to get. In the end, I settled for the brewed coffee and vanilla milk in the hotel’s breakfast bar.

6 thoughts on “I never thought it would be so difficult…

    1. I have to say it’s the first time someone said I had high standards, or any at all. To be honest, when I get coffee, I have exceedly low standards, but it amuses me that what is seemingly described as a double shot latte with two sygars can have so many variations and tastes. Besides, I’ve recently rediscovered tea, because drinking coffee in the late evening plays havoc with sleeping patterns.
      And when I’m in America, I don’t really care. In Italy it’s different, in France it’s different, in Germany it’s different. It’s all part of the overseas travel experience, all of which I’m extremely grateful that I can still taste the difference, even if, sometimes, I don’t necessarily like it.
      And, these differences can add another layer of interest in my characters, but I digress…


      1. Or as my wife sometimes says of a subject, “I may have low standards, but they’re there.”
        Most people, I’d venture, simply gulp their coffee and dash on. Pure addiction.
        Others take a moment to focus on the moment and what’s at hand.

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  1. It’s funny to read this post, because I never thought that coffee shops like Starbucks would be successful. I remember thinking that it was a waste of money to try. That may be why I am not wealthy. I maust be unable to see potential. I don’t play the stock market.


    1. It might be the cakes and snacks that go with the coffee… I don’t mind some cake and cream with my coffee, and quite often that array of cakes can be quite tempting. Perhaps the extras were the reason for their success…

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  2. One surprisingly unexpected thing I learned because of the pandemic is that I actually prefer making my own cup of coffee at home. I’ve experimented with almond milk and cocoa and added them to Folgers Noir Golden Dusk Instant coffee and made my own Cafe Lattes. Taste much better than Starbucks overpriced coffee. Coffee (as well as tea) is something I take seriously. It has to be just right and I did start noticing way back that for whatever reason quality had decreased.

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