We’re cleaning up for some renovations…

It’s a terrible job. Especially when you’ve been in the house for over 40 years, and over 15 since the last time we did a paint refresh.

The last time we simply moved the cupboards, shelves, and cabinets, not daring to look in and see what we had accumulated over the years.

And, now, someone said we might as well start getting rid of the junk before we have to downsize and/or move into an old folks home.

Just to say, here, now, the COVID 19 pandemic has brought to light a lot of damning details about old folks homes and how badly the residents are treated, and how easily it is for viruses to get in, and kill so many old people.

Before COVID they had a chance, at least, to live a few years longer. COVID in a lot of those cases has snuffed out their lives.

Now, I don;t want to become just another statistic, a life that in the end meant nothing other than a distressing mess the government should have fixed and didn’t, and nothing will happen on the other side because there will be too many other problems to fix in the post COVID world.

Enough rant.

SO, we started today. I bought so moving boxed and put some together, that being a trial in itself. Those sticky tape dispensers never quite work the same as they do in those YouTube videos.

Have you noticed that too?

Anyway, boxes constructed, time for a tea break over, we started with the photographs in frames.

Did you ever notice how quickly they disintegrate? It has been off and on, nearly forty years for the oldest, and ten for the youngest. Precious few photos of the boys as they were growing up because we have all that on slides, now buried somewhere in the roof, and mostly of the grandchildren.

There were some of the house before the last major renovation, photos of our children before they had their current partners, and it’s always interesting to reflect back on each being, at one time, the love of their life.

Romance was as tricky as it was in our day, except for the constraints of movement. in our day a parent took up, or public transport, we didn’t have cars, or money for that matter, like the kids today.

So, nostalgia crept in, and vbery little cleaning got done.

Perhaps tomorrow.

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