I’m glad I’m not in America…

Sadly, it’s true.

The problem is, I don’t know what to believe.   Are there more cases of COVID 19 there than anywhere else in the world?  Are there more deaths?

I read some reports that say that everything that is reported about COVID 19 in the US is nothing but lies, I believe the actual term used is ‘fake news’.

What is fake news?

From another side, that of the fake news outlets, yes I tuned into one of President Trumps political speeches (sorry, COVID 19 updates), and discovered that CNN and the New York Times were the leading culprits of spreading fake news, it seems that everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

Democrat lies, I’m told.  The President, on the other hand, says the US is moving ahead incredibly, the economy is booming, everyone is going back to work, school is in, and COVID is just a distant memory.

Who is right?  How do you make an informed decision?

I’m confused.  I want to visit New York, but one side is telling me it’s not safe, that infections and death is not going away, and the other, come on over, everything is fine.

Why, then, does my government tell me I can’t go anywhere?

Have the Democrats invaded my country and now telling us what we can and can’t do?

Will they be forming a radical left movement here and start up the looting and destruction of our cities?  And move onto defunding the police?

That’s another thing I don’t understand.  If your police departments have been defunded, and all the police are quitting, who is in charge of law and order, for that matter, is there any law and order?

Can someone PLEASE tell me what’s going on?

12 thoughts on “I’m glad I’m not in America…

  1. Be glad you aren’t here. This administration has made several missteps. I won’t go so far as to say they’ve doomed us, but it’s going to be at least a year (in my humble estimation) before this thing is under control.

    Fake news is akin to yellow journalism, the deliberate misinterpreting of facts and truth.

    I would try to find sources other than the news for updates on what’s going on. Doubt everything, and listen to your own inner guidance system. Whatever you want to visit in New York will (likely) still be there in a year’s time.

    Be well!

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    1. Yes, the media seems to take a side and bend the facts to suit their narrative. I used to work for a paper once, but stopped when the editor told me to never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Sorry, couldn’t do it.
      Sadly reporting hasn’t improved, and that seems to me to be down to either media owners or editors preferences.
      New York will always be there, it’s just a question of how safe it will be. We have a resurgence of COVID here, so I guess until there is a vaccine, it looks like we’re going to have to live with it. For the moment we are safe, but, as in the case of New Zealand who thought they had beaten it, it seems the disease has the ability to creep in via the back door. At the moment it was not human transmission, but came from overseas attached to frozen food cartons (yes, it seems the germs can live long and prosper in freezing conditions). It adds a whole new level of terror to the world we live in.
      I hope you are staying safe too.


  2. As an American who longs to be anywhere except here, I can tell you that I am not confused. Our president has royally mishandled this situation and congress has allowed it. Politics and the economy are more important to them than human lives. This virus is deadly and very few in the US want to take it seriously because Americans truly believe they are invincible. Why would anyone want to come here right now??

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  3. Right, I guess I am not specifically confused, either; but the complexity and intensity of the various happenings and reporting around COVID and the protests / demonstrations / attacks / looting / destruction and the impending election with its nauseating politics – it is rather overwhelming emotionally. I confess it is a bit of a struggle to sustain inner peace – not impossible, just, you know, like treading water alone in a surging ocean during a massive storm with things that might eat you swimming in circles around you. Yeah. Kind of like that. Honestly, it is disturbing enough to have these things happening in the USA; then I remember that COVID is everywhere and there is still war and terror and revolution in the streets elsewhere, too. The fact that this unsettling, historic season is global – that adds to the stress. So sorry. I want to say encouraging stuff! THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

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    1. Thank you for providing a link to what is a very informative article that definitively tells us what the situation is. And to be honest it is terrifying.
      In Australia we have governments (Federal and State) that inform us of everything, and sometimes the stuff that I’d prefer not to know, but they are of the opinion that we should know the truth, and it makes the sometimes draconian measures to stop the virus just a little more understandable, if not palatable.
      But, we have the disbelievers too, and the liars and the fools who think they have more rights than the rest of us, that they don’t have to follow the rules. Those that ignore the rules are somewhat foolish in that they film their acts of stupidity and put them on the internet. They only get to do it once, then it’s a $20,000 fine or 6 months in jail, or both. It’s why we only have one state with a problem, another hovering on the brink, and the rest of the country almost clear of COVID cases, or at most about 10-20 that are still active, and they are in quarantine after coming back from overseas, or a hot spot in this country. With a population of 26 million, I think we have done well, but it doesn’t mean we can get complacent.
      I can only hope, in the very near future, America will turn the tide, because the people themselves will work out what is needed and then work together to get on top of the virus, despite whoever is in charge.
      And I am hoping that will be sooner rather than later, because I wish to see New York, and the northern states again before I’m too old to travel, and don’t like the idea of having to wait for 3 or 4 years before I can.
      Be safe.

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    1. One has to wonder what might have happened if COVID 19 didn’t appear. It cannot be possible that the appearance and effect of a simple virus could wreak such havoc in the world. Yet, it has. Does it mean, then, that there were always underlying problems within both political spectrums, and it took this to show everyone what they really were?
      It is a shame, perhaps, that there is not a third option, to vote for none of the above, and go back to the way it used to be? America used to be the leader of nations, and respected. We used to believe the President of the United States was the leader of the free world, that America would always be there for anyone who needed help.
      Now, no one can be sure of anything.
      Alas, we are all now living in uncertain times.

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