And we thought it was over…

Until two people decided to lie about where they’d been, and then spend the next eight days running around infecting as many people as they could.

A potent reminder that it only takes one person to flout the rules, and cause utter mayhem and madness on basically around 2 million people who were beginning to get their lives back on track.  That is now all on hold.

COVID 19 is an insidious disease that proliferates when carriers do not know they have it, or in this case, when the carriers have it, and not tell anyone or go get tested so they can be put in isolation.

In other words, these people do not care who they infect, and as a result, who they kill.

This, in my view, makes them guilty of murder if anyone dies from their actions.  And, since it is premeditated, in other words, their intent was to deliberately conceal the fact they had it and still went on a spree, makes them eligible for the highest sentence the court can hand down.

More’s the pity we no longer have the death sentence, because sure as hell, these two deserve it.

It is a very valid reason, in times like this, to bring back public hangings just to get the message across to the fools that still believe this disease is a hoax or a joke.

It is not.

And I suspect, if this turns out to be a runaway disaster, there’s going to be a lot of people baying for their blood.

6 thoughts on “And we thought it was over…

    1. We live in Queensland, Ausralia, and these persons came from Victoria, and had to go into mandatory quarantine for 14 days. Instead they lied, said they were from Sydney and walked straight out of the airport unchecked. This would not have happened if they had not lied. IT appears that they may have been involved in criminal activities in Victoria, and thus were reluctant to speak to authorities which would have incriminated them, or others. I think the fact they are now both facing five years in jail has loosened tongues, but I doubt we’ll ever get the truth from them. THey may have thought they were going to remain anonymous, but their faces have been plastered over every newspaper, and on every TV channel, literally burned into 26 million people across this country. Perhaps that will be punishment enough – after the five years of jail time. I’m sorry if this sounds very harsh, but as a vulnerable aged person, it’s time someone took action to show these fools that their idiocy is going to get the justice it deserves.

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