A few random thoughts

It’s interesting what children are being taught these days as distinct from how we were all those years ago.

I went to school over 50 years ago, and we were predominantly taught arithmetic, which is now called maths, English, which was how to write properly, and spell words, and read from specified school texts rather than mainstream writers, geography, which was predominantly about the British Commonwealth, History, which was predominantly British history, and just a little about our own country, Australia, music, which we all hated, especially if we were picked for the school choir, and some other subjects I don’t remember.

Now, it seems there’s a different slant of how children learn the basics, and what I find is how English, written and spelt, is taught.  When you see the standard of the work being produced as a result of this teaching, you would throw your hands up in disgust.

And spelling, they spell the words the way they sound.  I mean, really?

Is it any wonder that when you listen to a teenagers conversation, if you can get them off their phones long enough, there are more ‘like’ and ‘but’ scatted through the sentence, and sadly, in a lot of cases, expletives.

Discipline and behaviour were very high priorities back then, too.

Primary education in our days was a perfect grounding for what came next, secondary school.  In primary school we were taught the values of discipline, there were no rowdy kids or any form of bad behaviour.  It just wasn’t tolerated.  That discipline started to slip as we entered secondary school, you know, slowly turning into smart arses as teenagers do, but discipline was enforced, and getting punished for bad behaviour was a definite deterrent.

I know, I was at the end of it quite a few times in my illustrious school days.

But I learned a great deal.

But the reason for this is the news my granddaughter came home with, where one member of her class deliberately set out to wreck their project simply because he hadn’t done one.  Spite, or jealousy?  Definitely bad behaviour, in our time, that kid would be front and centre at the headmaster’s office, handed a form of corporal punishment, and then expelled, or if not, sent home for a week to ponder his options.

The end result of this event, he earned some remedial classes.

That behaviour in schools is widely spread, and symptomatic of today’s society where parents are more preoccupied with their own problems which is the ground zero for the general bad behaviour of our youth.  No discipline and no consequences for their actions, either at home or at school.  How do expect to maintain law and order when a whole generation has no idea what law and order is?

At least, in this country, that wretched child can’t get his hands on a gun and go to the school and start shooting people.  For that, I guess, we should be grateful.

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