It’s autumn, it should be raining

And yet, people are complaining!

We have had a very hot summer in this part of the world, and for the reason, we have a tropical climate.

Ordinarily, it should rain at night, and we should have clear refreshing days.  No, sadly it’s been raining at night, and it just gets steamy, or should I say humid.

Right now it’s 23 degrees Celsius, and very pleasant.  It’s drizzling, and I like that because you can walk in it without getting too wet.  And, since it’s just past summer, the rain is not cold, not like it is in winter.

So, I had to go out for a while and got to walk in the rain.

It’s an experience no doubt that will end up in one of my books.

OK, just got home in time, a tropical storm has just arrived.

Rain so heavy you cannot see beyond the neighbor’s fence.

Maybe that won’t go in a story, or, hang on, just got another idea …

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