Thoughts, maybe

Have you ever wondered how much of your life you have spent

a) waiting a doctor’s surgery or hospital appointment, and

b) waiting on the end of the phone to reach customer service, or a public servant.

In the first instance I have had a lot of recent experience with injured children and soouse, and, more recently myself.

What bothers me is that they give you a time and place and issue all the threats around the place if you don’t turn up on time, but it seems to be perfectly ok if they are late.

It could be for some perfectly logical reason but most of the time they don’t tell you why they’re runnibg late, and sometimes don’t even apologise.

Then there is the chairs they make you sit in, obviously specially designed so you do not get comfortable, especially in hospitals.

But the most infuriorating aspect?  Just how small the waiting room is and how often it is overcrowded with people also waiting to see a doctor.

They ask if we remain respectful but after an hour and a half in those chairs and not treating us with that same respect they ask for, I’m surprised I have only witnessed one case of angry patient.

In the second instance there are two circilumstances I take issue with.

The first is where you have to srlect from a menu and what you want isn’t one of the menu items and there’s no catch all just disconnection, and

After waiting patiently on the line for up to thirty minutes or more you hear the connection, you think you are about to get to aa agent and the call disconnects.

That is only one step removed from being connected … back at the selection menu and then sent to the back of the queue.

I’m sorry, but this technology is no advancement but I doubt if we will get back to the ‘old days’.

Of course there is that other major advancement in telephone answering technology, voice recognition.  I’ve been on the end of it, and quite frankly, it just doesn’t understand me.

Odd, I Know, because I speak very good English with no accent.  Perhaps that’s the problem.

I can’t wait for the first humanoid robots.  I hope they can understand me better than the inhuman phones do!

One thought on “Thoughts, maybe

  1. Good questions.
    I know i have waited for way longer than i have ever spent time in a docs company. They may know the human body but seem incapable of tracking time.
    As for those dreaded calls…im amazed there isnt more abuse in that situation too.


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