Thoughts, maybe

Some people we know have come up for a holiday to what could be described as a very touristy location.

But is it for a ‘holiday’?

They have come from one state to another and are staying in what could be called an apartment, not a hotel.  They are here for a week.

They have a kitchen of sorts and can cook their own meals, unlike staying in a hotel room and having to eat out or in the hotel restaurant, and the apartment also has a mini laundry.

How much different is this to being at home?

Perhaps we need to have a definition for the word ‘holiday’ and its variations.  A lot of people use the term ‘vacation’.  Others use the term ‘leave’.  Leave’s not a very good description, because it can cover a number of types such as annual, sick, and maternity.

But whatever we want to call it, is it when you’re taking some time away from work?

Or is it when you go ‘away’, that is to say anywhere but home?

You say, ‘I’m going on holiday.”

We say, “Oh, where are you going?”

Some say camping.  Is that any different than staying in an apartment, or even a holiday house?  Still all the same chores, cooking, cleaning, washing.  It’s just a different place, and perhaps the only difference is the attractions, like fun parks, or activities such as swimming or surfing.

Some go boating, or house boating, and granted there is a little more excitement being on a river, a lake, or the ocean, but, there’s still the same drawbacks.

My preference is hotels, and not having to worry about the cooking and cleaning.

A friend of ours likes caravaning.

Another likes cruising the seven seas.  They love it, kids go into the child minding, there’s movies, strolling, swimming, relaxing, and everything is provided for.

Is this why so may people are now going on cruises, and hotels are so full these days?

I guess we are all different, and all have a description for what they will define as a ‘holiday’.

There will always those who will go camping and stay in self service places like apartments, but for me, a holiday is staying in a hotel, and not necessarily one with five stars.  We have found quite a few ‘quaint’ places researching on the internet.

Other than that, when I wake up every Monday morning, I wish is was the first day of a holiday, and that I didn’t have to go to work.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts, maybe

  1. I guess a holiday to me, would be travelling, being away from home. But that could be going to see a friend lol.
    So, for me a holiday would be going beyond the borders of Scotland for an extended period of time, no dish washing or household chores at all!


  2. I am sitting on a Sunday actually mourning the end of my vacation. Tomorrow, the daily grind begins. . .
    On “vacation” I went about 3 hours away, stayed with my Mom for Easter weekend. Then, I arrived back to my apt where my weeks plans included eating out every day, seeing a Waterfall with grandkids and oldest daughter. They chose a steakhouse. I paid since we were on my vacation. I went to a Conservatory where my son, DIl and grandkids had butterflies fluttering, lush beauty in plants, flowers and trees and they chose a nice family restaurant and again, this was special to have my son’s family surrounding me, while eating. My youngest daughter invited me to sleepover so we chose a movie out and snacks. On way to her home, I asked her to choose a healthy salad place, we took one to her home to share, so last big event in a series of 8 days. The 9th day, went with 3 youngest grandies to an indoor play area, we each chose a snack and for 3 hours to Sat and used free Wi-Fi. It was a busy, yet relaxing vacation but not away. 🙂


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