Yet another movie…

There are two ways of looking at this, either we rented or bribed our grandchildren so we could see “Frozen II” without feeling embarrassed, or our grandchildren wanted to see it and dragged us along for the ride.

I’ll let you work out which is true.

But having seen the first Frozen at least a dozen times, watched our youngest grandchildren wear out their Elsa and Anna costumes, and endure that song Let It Go, so many times even I could remember the words (but never, never, ever, sing it), it was inevitable that we see the second.

After all, I’d seen the promo at least a thousand times, and it looked, well, interesting.

At the outset, I have to say the animation is amazing. In my time, the animation wasn’t great, but, back then, we didn’t have the resources we do now. Computers have made real-life animation almost perfect.

There are songs. You have to expect that, and I’m still trying to come to terms that the voice behind Anna is actually Kristen Bell, whom I am familiar with in ‘The Good Place’.

And the voice behind Elsa is equally amazing.

Perhaps what made this sequel better than the original was that it had a story, and a lesson to be learned.  In the end, it was well worth seeing.  And I’m still on the fence as to whether these types of movies by Disney are just for children.

What you need to look out for?  The reindeer. Not only Sven, but there’s more, and they’re not the usual run of the mill reindeer, and after seeing one particular song, you’ll understand why.

So, perhaps I’m transitioning into my second childhood, because I thought it was great.

No doubt, once it becomes a DVD it’ll be equally ingrained into my brain as much as the first. I guess worse things could happen.

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