Thoughts, maybe

With my wife in hospital getting a complete knee replacement, I have been running the household.

It’s like putting a plasterer in charge of a steam locomotive.

It’s also brought to light an oft used, but probably very misunderstood phrase, ‘taken for granted’.

A lot of people think they are, and it’s probably true.  So many of them do the little things that need to be done without mentioning it, and, when they are not around, don’t get done.


Because us people who apparently ‘take them for granted’ don’t realize the half of what they do.

True.  We don’t.  We know a lot of stuff happens, but not why.

My epiphany came a long time ago, after the kids left home.  I took over the cooking, learned to iron, still can’t stack a dishwasher, but I can empty it, and so on.

But still there was a lot more that I failed to realize happened like:

Feeding the cat, replacing his litter, filling and emptying the dishwasher (sorry, I wasn’t allowed to have a mad hatter’s tea party and just move around the table till there were no empty spaces left), doing the washing, hanging out the washing, bring it in, drying, ironing, sweeping floors, cleaning kitchen bench tops and sinks, cooking (and how quickly you can run out of easy recipes, or think of what to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), it never ends.

I heard a friend of mine whose wife stays home rather than work, tell his friends he couldn’t understand what it was his wife does during the day.  They have teenage, but still at school, children.  He asked her what she did with her day because just once she hadn’t cooked dinner.  He’s still wearing the bump where she threw a rather heavy saucepan at him.

If I had a gun I’d shoot the fool.  Perhaps not a few years ago, but now I can appreciate everything that is done, and apparently it’s not by magic.

I’d like to think I didn’t take anything for granted, but I guess I’m still learning that there is lot of stuff that needs to be done just to keep a household going.

And for one or the other, it;s a full time, unpaid and unappreciated job.

Which is why I now try very hard to make her feel appreciated.


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