NaNoWriMo – April – 2023 — Day 24

“The Things We Do For Love”

Michelle is not happy to see him.

And this was a situation that he hadn’t considered, that she would not be pleased to see him.  And not only that, was trying her hardest to get rid of him.

They talk and Henry has to wheedle the truth out of her, that the time is not right for her to leave yet, and that he must go.  Once again she had presented yet another different persona, and Henry is confused as to her motives and their relationship.

The phone ringing interrupts their moment, Radly advising that they were about to get company.

Just enough time for Henry to say goodbye before he comes face to face with the Turk, who arrives unexpectedly at her front door.

The master of the house arrives, Michelle changes instantly into someone else, and the Turk makes Henry a proposition.  He can walk out in one piece but never come back or see her again.

After he leaves the Turk and his favourite girl talk. She doesn’t believe a single word of the Turks, but it does reveal how much he will tolerate her.

He on the other hand does not trust her at all, not now that she has transformed, and off the drugs he supplies to keep his girls compliant.  She is different, he has to admit, but he has bigger plans for her now. And sadly that will break their agreement.

Words written 4,482, for a total of 89,577

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