I’m glad I’m not in America…

Sadly, it’s true.

The problem is, I don’t know what to believe.   Are there more cases of COVID 19 there than anywhere else in the world?  Are there more deaths?

I read some reports that say that everything that is reported about COVID 19 in the US is nothing but lies, I believe the actual term used is ‘fake news’.

What is fake news?

From another side, that of the fake news outlets, yes I tuned into one of President Trumps political speeches (sorry, COVID 19 updates), and discovered that CNN and the New York Times were the leading culprits of spreading fake news, it seems that everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

Democrat lies, I’m told.  The President, on the other hand, says the US is moving ahead incredibly, the economy is booming, everyone is going back to work, school is in, and COVID is just a distant memory.

Who is right?  How do you make an informed decision?

I’m confused.  I want to visit New York, but one side is telling me it’s not safe, that infections and death is not going away, and the other, come on over, everything is fine.

Why, then, does my government tell me I can’t go anywhere?

Have the Democrats invaded my country and now telling us what we can and can’t do?

Will they be forming a radical left movement here and start up the looting and destruction of our cities?  And move onto defunding the police?

That’s another thing I don’t understand.  If your police departments have been defunded, and all the police are quitting, who is in charge of law and order, for that matter, is there any law and order?

Can someone PLEASE tell me what’s going on?

Grasping at straws or a pie in the sky?

This is to be willing to do, say, or believe anything that offers even the slightest hope in a desperate situation, even though there is almost no chance for success.

Sound familiar?

We all have a preferred position in any debate, sometimes a pre-conceived notion that we are right and the rest of the world is wrong.

And, just to prove it we will grasp at any straw, no matter how wrong it might be, how big a lie it might be, simply because it fits our narrative.

Politicians are good at it.

Salespeople are too, and they will tell you anything to make a sale.

Seems politicians are little more than salespeople.  Especially when you hold up a foot-thick pile of paper and call it a policy.  Of course, it is.  Look at all this paper!  And you can find it on the internet.

I’ve found incontrovertible truth that aliens have landed on earth many times, and walk amongst us, on the internet too.

Add to the straws the notion that if you throw enough mud some it will stick.

Likewise, if you say the same thing over and over, no matter how wrong it is, people will begin to believe it.

You read it, and see it, and read it again, ten, twenty times a day, over and over until you have been brainwashed.

Nobody repeats the truth, have you noticed that?

The truth usually appears at the bottom of page 17 of a newspaper, buried by the Ford, Ram Truck, and Coca Cola advertisements.

But the lies, the narrative that you are supposed to hear, it comes at you from every angle, papers, magazines, all over the internet, cable channels, everywhere.  It will be on roadside billboards soon.

The CIA and the KGB came up with that little idea.  It’s called brainwashing.

It’s made to sound authentic, that it’s come from ‘experts’, people allegedly with degrees in everything but UFO technology, and because it sounds authoritative, we believe it.

Especially after we’ve been told hundreds of times.

A case in point, I can tell you almost word for word some of the most obnoxious advertisements on television going back 50 years, yes, 50 years, because we were inundated with them, day and night, all the time, for years.

Of course, with fake news and political lies continually being spoken, printed, and hurled at us ad infinitum, no one really knows what the truth is anymore.  I tried looking at the bottom of page 17 for it, but it’s not there.

Like I said, no one is willing to tell the truth more than once.

So, whilst being told by one side that I’m in a vulnerable group and COVID 19 will kill me if I get it, the other side is telling me there’s no such thing as COVID 19 and it’s just an elaborate hoax.

Whoever created this elaborate hoax has done a good job, though, managing to enlist 218 countries worldwide, all their medical authorities, and all of the governments.  That’s some incredible effort.

So, my two cents worth, if every country in the world can partake in a hoax, why can’t they band together in world peace, free trade, and no wars.

Is it a pie in the sky moment?

Or just a little bit idealistic?


This is beginning to sound a lot like…

It’s odd how art sometimes imitates life, but it’s much, much worse when life imitates art.

I mean, in a sense, it’s good that life imitates Star Trek because we need lasers to ward off unfriendly aliens when they finally arrive, as well as having intergalactic warp speed vessels.

But it’s very, very bad when a contagion like COVID 19 pops up, and the scenario that follows is right out of the script for the movie Contagion.

Or Outbreak, not that any President would ever nuke a US City, which was the premise in that film.

Or follow along the lines of The Omega Man, where a virus turns everyone into a zombie-like creature, with the last surviving human finally running out of luck.

There’s been quite a few doomsday scenario films, the most interesting one involving walking plants (The Day of the Triffids) but scary as they might be, what’s happening now is equally scary.

And it had been predicted.

But, that’s not the worst of it.  Half the population wants to believe its no worse than a cold, that despite the ease in which it is transmitted, they will get it, and then it will magically disappear.

You know the drill, you get the disease once, you beat it, and you don’t get it again.

Maybe.  There are factual accounts of people getting it again, but they don’t know they have it, and of course, those people happily transmit it to a new group of people.  It doesn’t go away, you don’t beat it, it just lurks in cold dark corners, waiting to pounce.

It’s an insidious virus.

And if you recover, you might think you’ve recovered, but…

Lung scarring, loss of smell, migraines, memory loss, blood clots are just a few of the side effects.  Doctors are only just discovering this because someone is finally getting down to charting the course of the disease, and what happens after recovery.

Up till now, there hasn’t been time, everyone is too busy fighting it.

Perhaps, when I apply my thriller writing mind to all that I have read over the last few months, the real aim of the virus hasn’t materialized yet, that the aim of whoever invented it, if indeed it was invented, was not to seriously affect the 15 to 40-year-olds in this iteration, but the devil is in the future, say 30 years from now when a whole generation that had been consistently bombarded with conflicting information about the virus not being dangerous and that young people had no worries about getting it, suddenly find themselves dying of lung-related respiratory problems, blood clot induced heart attacks and aneurysms, or just forgotten who they are.

A whole generation!

It’s why you can speak to one person and they’ll tell you that you need masks, you need to isolate.  Of course, this is true, if that person is over 60, overweight and suffering from diabetes, or another debilitating disease.  These people make up a large percentage of the population.

It’s why if you speak to another person, under 50, they’ll tell you it’s nothing to worry about, and they will believe the misleading information that masks are un-necessary, if you get it, it’ll go away, some quack medicine with defeat it, even if the scientific tests say otherwise.  They’ve got better things to do than to worry about a silly invisible virus, like going to COVID 19 parties to see who the first person who contracts it is.

Can you see how good a novel this would make?

You would read it, and then put it down and think it could never happen here.

Like Contagion.

Like the Outbreak.

Like The Omega Man.

It couldn’t.

Could it?


And we thought it was over…

Until two people decided to lie about where they’d been, and then spend the next eight days running around infecting as many people as they could.

A potent reminder that it only takes one person to flout the rules, and cause utter mayhem and madness on basically around 2 million people who were beginning to get their lives back on track.  That is now all on hold.

COVID 19 is an insidious disease that proliferates when carriers do not know they have it, or in this case, when the carriers have it, and not tell anyone or go get tested so they can be put in isolation.

In other words, these people do not care who they infect, and as a result, who they kill.

This, in my view, makes them guilty of murder if anyone dies from their actions.  And, since it is premeditated, in other words, their intent was to deliberately conceal the fact they had it and still went on a spree, makes them eligible for the highest sentence the court can hand down.

More’s the pity we no longer have the death sentence, because sure as hell, these two deserve it.

It is a very valid reason, in times like this, to bring back public hangings just to get the message across to the fools that still believe this disease is a hoax or a joke.

It is not.

And I suspect, if this turns out to be a runaway disaster, there’s going to be a lot of people baying for their blood.

The good old days

This is a flashback to the times when we could travel without worrying about a pesky invisible disease.

And, now, we can refer to the days before COVID 19 started as the good old days.

Although we are able to travel within our own state, and this is a photo of the Gold Coast beach not far from the Hilton Hotel in Surfers Paradise.

I’m not inclined to run the gauntlet of thinking that an outbreak might not occur in a place where there are a large number of visitors, some of whom do not, or more likely will not, obey the health regulations.

And I suspect this will be the same for a lot of the over 60s who are in that vulnerable group the disease attacks more severely, and who are probably the people with both time and the money to boost local businesses, the sort of visitors the area wants to attract.

Unfortunately most of us can’t take that chance, after seeing in the southern states how a visit to a restaurant can quickly turn into a hot spot and then a disaster.

So it looks like we’ll be in our pseudo jail for some time longer.

In a word: Idle

It can relate to an object such as an engine in a car when sitting at traffic lights. Then the engine is not in gear or under any load, therefore it is idle.

That he is idle might mean he is currently not working or refuses to work. Then it could be said he is bone idle which is to say he is any or all of lazy, or shiftless, even indolent

It could refer to the time when nothing is happening.

It could also refer to money in accounts not earning any interest

How many of us indulge in idle chatter, which is meaningless?

And how many of us have made an idle threat, especially to a child who refuses to go to bed, or sleep.


This is not to be confused with idol

An idol is generally thought of as a representation of a god, one used as an object of worship.

An idol can also be a person who is greatly admired, like a celebrity or superstar or a hero.

It could also be a figment of the imagination.


Then there is idyll which could be an extremely happy place, or a picturesque period or situation, one that is unsustainable

It could also be a short verse about rustic life.

Just another Monday

For winter, the weather at the moment is exceptional.

While yesterday it was raining nearly all day, and we’re supposedly getting more today, it’s hard to see it happening.

The sun is out and the temperature is about 19 or 20 degrees centigrade.

For those southern states, the weather isn’t as good, which is why at this time of the year, the southerners head north.

This year its different. The border is closed. It’s odd to say the border is closed because in this country the borders have never been closed, at least not in my living memory.

Thus we have a problem, or so everyone says. No tourists, no tourist income and no income means no jobs, and, well, you get the drift.

So, it’s down to those states we have open borders with to rebuild that fractured economy.

But at what price?

Here’s the thing. We don’t have the covid 19 bug here, and we don’t want it. But down south in Victoria, it’s getting away from them, and their immediate bother neighbour, New South Wales is just starting to see a spike.

How quickly can this travel over the border into Queenland? It’s invisible, people can be asymptomatic not know they’ve got it, turn up for a holiday and hey presto, we have a second wave, worse than the first.

And how did this spike in Victoria occur? Overseas travellers coming back, and no proper supervision of quarantine. One little slip can turn into a fire racing through a tinder dry forest.

And complacency. I hate to say it, but a proportion of the population is as thick as two planks, or just deliberately obtuse in following what are quite simple instructions which are known to work, and had worked.

So, for anyone thinking, yes, we’ve got this beaten, think again. There’s a careless minority out there who couldn’t care less, and they will, in the final analysis, be our undoing

Meanwhile, the plans to build an underground bunker are proceeding. Like in a dystopia thriller, the only way to escape this bug is to hide away for a few years, and let the fools kill themselves off, and emerge into a whole new world.

Or, well if that isn’t an opening for a story…

It’s the end of June

And we’re all still here, in one piece, but oddly enough it feels like someone or something is picking us off, one by one.  You know, 100 green bottles standing on a wall…

I wanted to start this by reporting on my writing progress…


I’m watching the world go to hell in a handbasket.  It’s not necessarily it’s leaders, those so-called wise men and women in government who are supposed to know what to do when there’s a crisis.  They can’t know everything.

They can try and get the best advice possible and pass it on.

And, it seems, a lot of them do.

There’s the odd maniac out there that has different ideas, mainly because their very instinct is to ask ‘what’s in it for me’?  It happens, and it will always happen, and sadly, a few million people have to die in order for them to realize their ambitions.

Fortunately, we don’t have many of them here.  We have leaders that make decisions that no one likes but begrudgingly follow.

Except for those few, and there’s always a few who think they are smarter, wiser, and better than all of us doing the right thing.

And they blame everyone else or play the persecution card when they perpetrate what can only be described as murder, because they disregard commonsense, go against all the proper things that they should be doing, get the virus, and then pass it on.

We have one such outbreak, a bad one, here, and it was started by selfish, stupid people.

There’s no other way of putting it.

To be honest, I’m all for public executions in the town square, but I’ve been told that’s a little harsh on one hand, and on the other, some would like to be the executioner.

But would it stop the stupid people?  No.

So, the bottom line is, it will come back, a few million more will get it, and those it didn’t kill before, it will kill them this time.  Why?  Because the longer we leave it out there, happily transmitting, it is mutating, as any ghastly virus does.

OK, I’m stepping off the soapbox now.

I’ve just been reminded that the COVID 19 virus doesn’t exist and it’s a Democratic hoax, that deep state (whoever they are – probably also Democrats) want you to think there’s a virus so they can control us.  Funny thing is, their not in power, so whose doing the controlling?

Are we going around in circles here?

It’s going away, it’s gone, it’ll be gone in a few weeks…  What will?  The Democratic hoax, deep state, a virus that doesn’t exist?

Hell, I’m just confused now.

But this just in … they’ve found a way to travel through time.

If they have I want to be first in line, so I can go back to when Russia and America hated each other, there was a cold, cold war going on, China made shoddy goods and we never heard from them or about them, and the British owned all the oil wells in Arabia.

Let you imagination run free


Suburbia, yes, reddish sky at night, yes, but what else might it be?

For just a moment, close your eyes, toss away everything you might accept as normal, and then, after a minute, open them again, and look at the photo with a new perspective.



It took two days for the dust to settle, figuratively and literally.

We heard screaming jet fighters overhead, followed by multiple explosions, then nothing but smoke and ash.  We assumed one of the jets had crashed.

Two days the media was saying it was an unfortunate accident.

On the third day, we discovered it was the result of multiple missile strikes on our power stations and oil refineries.  The jets had arrived too late to stop the attack.

And we only found out because an Army officer who lived in our street came home to collect his family and told us to leave, go anywhere but stay in the city.

The ash in the air was going to get worse, the sun was going to disappear altogether, and, well, he didn’t stay long enough to tell us the rest, but already the air was almost unbreathable.

But the leaving was easy, just take what we could in the car.  The problem was, everyone had the same idea, and by the time we reached the highway, it was a virtual carpark.

By then, it was day four.

That’s when the bombs started to fall.


It might not be an exact match for the photo, but that was the idea that came from it.

I’m sure there could be a far simpler and more pleasant story to be told.




Well, it’s that time again…

The clock just ticked over to June 7th, I’m my part of the world, and it is my birthday.  Of course, I wasn’t born at one minute past midnight, in fact, I don’t think I know when I was born, and will probably never know because my mother has dementia and doesn’t even remember me.

I guess this is what happens when you get old.  By now, most people my age have parents who have died, and they’re moving into that phase of their life where they get to travel and do all those things they said they’d do when they retired.


COVID 19 put paid to all of that.

We have people out there saying that it’s almost safe to go back out into the world, but, sadly, I don’t believe them.  Perhaps if I was 30 and could fight the virus off I might think differently, but alas I’m not.

So having waited all this time to do all those things retirees do, the world has changed and we can’t do anything, at least, not yet, until a cure is found.  And if a cure is not found?

Millions of old people will either die of the virus or die alone in very miserable circumstances.

Hey, it’s supposed to be a fun day, a birthday, not all doom and gloom.

Right here, right now, we thought we had it all under control.  Then, this morning we hear a man with the virus went from one city to another, infecting people in the plane, visiting friends, 15 to be precise, and infecting them, and then on another plane, infecting them, then his place of work, where who knows how many he infected.

One person.  That’s right, one single solitary person asymptomatically carrying the virus, allegedly not knowing he was infected, has caused a crisis that could exponentially explode into a second wave.  Imagine if he infects fifty people who infect another fifty each and so on.

And for days, a week or so before this, next to none positive cases.  We thought the worst was over.


It’s still here, still lurking in the shadows, and we are not safe.

I guess it just means one thing, from now on I have to live every day as if it is my last day because the chances are it just might be.

But at least for today, I will get to have a party.

Oh, sorry, family only and not more than 20, and we must still practise social distancing.