First Dig Two Graves – The Final Draft – Day 15

The second Zoe thriller.

Today, we’re back in Vienna, with Zoe planning their escape. We’re off to the railway station and catching the train. Unfortunately, Worthington is able to track them and knows exactly where they are, and where to direct his hit squad.

And you guessed it, mayhem is about to erupt in the station. But, as Zoe knows all too well, chaos can be her best friend, and they escape.

Sebastian knows something is afoot with Worthington, because all of a sudden, he has disappeared.

That’s good for Sebastian in one sense, he can go ahead with the interrogations of Isobel and Rupert in his quest to find out where John, and ultimately Zoe, is.

But the thing is, they are disinclined to be helpful in any way shape or form, and Isobel in particular, tells him to bring on the torturers.

Weird maybe, but Sebastian knows she’s probably getting a kick out of it.

Today’s writing, with Isobel laughing in the face of danger, 1,905 words, for a total of 43,067.

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