The cinema of my dreams – Was it just another surveillance job – Episode 63

This story is now on the list to be finished so over the new few weeks, expect a new episode every few days.

The reason why new episodes have been sporadic, there are also other stories to write, and I’m not very good at prioritizing.

But, here we are, a few minutes opened up and it didn’t take long to get back into the groove.

Things are about to get complicated…

Two events happened simultaneously.

The door opened, a figure dressed in black appears and Jennifer grabbed her from behind and took her weapon then shoved her to the ground in the middle of the room, at the same time the USBs exploded in the microwave oven.

I went over to the figure and removed the balaclava, whilst Jennifer closed the door after a quick glance outside.

It was Jan. Why wasn’t I surprised.

“Just whose side are you on,” she said, grimacing, and holding her shoulder after it hit the floor very hard.

“You’re lucky it was Jennifer.  If it had been me, I might have strangled you by accident.  Why are you here?”

“The same as you?”

“No, in this flat.  I never told you anything about Jo.”

Jan looked over at the other woman sitting up against the wall, not exactly looking too well now.  She would need an ambulance soon.  Jan, probably sooner.

“It might have prevented this if you had.  It’s probably the only reason why you’re still alive, we needed you to lead us to her.  That’s Anna, isn’t it?”


“And the data drives?”

“Kind of destroyed, which is where such information should end up.”

“It was not yours to do that.”

“No.  But left in the hands of people like you, where would it end up?  I’m sorry, but with all the lies and deception going on, I couldn’t trust anyone to do the right thing.”

My phone rang.

I looked at the screen.  Private number.  No prizes for guessing who.


“What is going on in there?”

“Target practice.  Want to come and join the fun?”

“Is Jan alright?”

“She’ll live for now, but she is going to need medical assistance soon.  It’s up to you.”

“I’m coming up?”

“If you bring anyone else, they’re dead.”  I hung up.

I went over to the microwave, took out the remnants of the drives and flushed them down the toilet.  Just in case.

When I came back there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it,” I said to Jennifer.  “But if there is anyone else, shoot them.

Gun ready, I opened the door.  He had his hands where I could see them.  “Come in and join the fun.”

Jennifer had him covered, just in case.

I closed the door.

Dobbin looked at Anna.  He knew who she was.

“O’Connell is next door, dead.  Did Jan shoot him?”

“Hello, I’m in the room, Sam.  I did not.”

“Why do I find that hard to believe?”

“You have this all wrong, Sam.  We are not the bad guys,” Dobbin said.

“Well, if you are, and you’re lying, which is about all you have done since I first met you, you won’t be.  The USBs have been destroyed.”

Of course, in that instant, I realised that I may have been played again.  Anna had given up the location too easily, despite the threats of bodily harm, which if push came to shove, I might not have followed through on.  And if Anna surmised that, what was to stop her from having decoys just in case she was found?  Come to think of it, she didn’t seem very disappointed when I destroyed them.

A woman capable of torturing and murder was capable of anything, and she had proven herself very capable so far.

And, worse, Dobbin didn’t seem too upset at the news.

This was rapidly becoming a no-win situation.

© Charles Heath 2020-2023

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