First Dig Two Graves – The Final Draft – Day 8

The second Zoe thriller.

Having discovered that the person who had ordered the contract on her head had a code name of Romanov, and was last known to be in Bratislava, Zoe heads off to track the person down. She suspects it is one of the groups she had trained with at one point, but it could be anyone.

Back home, John discovers who Sebastian’s boss is, having been whisked away by limousine to an undisclosed location, where he is told that Zoe/Natasha and a host of other identities is not the person he thinks she is, and is told that it would be in his best interests to tell them where she is.

John gets to read a very illuminating file on her, which in turn does not put the fear of God into him as was hoped, but makes him more determined than ever to find her.

Wilt the help of the new investigator friends Rupert and a reluctant Isobel.

This story is a tangled web of pursuers who all have different agendas, people who are highly skilled in tracking and killing.

John needs to find her more than ever because of whom he believes is the one who wants her dead.

Sebastian is about to be caught up in a situation he never envisaged, his desire to find and recruit her, to tell her to stay away from John, and ordered by his boss to capture her for interrogation.

Today’s writing, with John facing off against Sebastian’s boss, 4,192 words, for a total of 22,247.

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