First Dig Two Graves – The Final Draft – Day 7

The second Zoe thriller.

With Zoe gone and not looking like she will be coming back, John has to get back into the mainstream of life.

Or he could do something a little more positive, try and find Zoe and seek out her intentions. To that end, he comes up with an idea, phone an old friend, Rupert, who once had aspirations of being a private investigator, and employ him to find her.

But, as he quickly remembers, Rupert has a sister named Isobel who hates him, and despite her, John hires them, though when Rupert learns he’s looking for a Russian/Chinese assassin, he has momentary second thoughts.

Money always speaks the right language.

But, lurking in the background, Sebastian now had a tail on John, almost knowing that he was never going to take his advice and leave Zoe alone.

And, like John, he knew of Rupert, and his sister, yet another of Sebastian’s once upon a time hot dates that failed, and of her situation, which means he was about to kill two birds with one stone.

Find out what John was up to.

Isobel is about to liven their lives up considerably.

Today’s writing, with Isobel about to torment two very different men, 4,474 words, for a total of 18,055.

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