First Dig Two Graves – The Final Draft – Day 6

The second Zoe thriller.

It’s a recap of how John and Zoe survived the first year of their relationship. Zoe could take only so much downtime, so it was back to work – for different people, she just had to find them.

And, so far, those who are seeking her are still out there.

Fast forward three months: John is trying to figure out what he wants to do next because the easy life is getting to him too.

There’s the possibility of getting a job with Sebastian, after all, he didn’t do that badly the first time around.

There’s languishing with his grandmother, but two visits in a year were one too many.

And yes, he has a seminal moment!

Start a private investigation agency, with himself the first client – he is beginning to believe Zoe will not be coming back so he was going to find her and find out once and for all if they were over.

How hard could it be?

Today’s writing, with John searching the property market for appropriate offices, 1,666 words, for a total of 13,587.

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